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0 Carb Whip Cream 2 Ingredients

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1. Desserts/ Sugar Alternatives

2. Replacing Traditional Flour

3. Why you should make homemade whip cream

4. Ingredients 

5. Pictures of the products I used

6. Directions

7. Picture of what mine looked like after about 8 minutes

8. Links

Desserts & Sugar Alternatives

Desserts can be hard to come by when you are following a low carb or keto lifestyle. Most desserts that “Claim” to be low carb taste like dried out gym socks and other ones have hidden carbs. If you are following a low carb lifestyle than most likely you are trying or avoid all together Sugar and Flour. You probably thought If you are avoiding sugar the dessert or baked goods might not taste good. The answer to that Is yes and no. It all depends what type of “sugar” alternative that company uses. There are many “sugar” alternatives out there that can make “almost” anything taste good. The one thing I found that works for my low carb baking Are Sugar-Free Syrups. I love to use them In place of sugar and even sugar alternatives. 

Replacing Traditional Flours

Flours aren’t part of a low-carb lifestyle. Coconut Flour Is okay to use and almond flour but what If you are allergic to almonds or coconuts and you want to bake something? You are probably thinking how to replace the flour. I remember back when I use to be Vegan that I used flaxseed meal A LOT! The best thing about flaxseed meal Is that If you ran out of flour or If you are low carb you can use flaxseed meal as a flour alternative. For example, in baked goods, coconut and almond flours, or almond or flaxseed meal, can be used in place of traditional all-purpose flour, and sugar-free or dark chocolate chips in place of milk chocolate (which contains more sugar). 

Why you should make your own homemade whip cream

Unfortunately, the store bought whip cream you are used to doesn’t jive with a low carb or keto lifestyle. If that doesn’t get you Into making your own homemade version of this frozen topping then maybe all the “other added” sugars and suspicious Ingredients that you can’t pronounce. There Is sugar-free cool whip. That does fit within a low carb or keto lifestyle the problem with It Is that It contains Hydrogenated oils and that Isn’t very healthy If you are trying to lose weight because of the cholesterol. Luckily there Is always a homemade version of your favorite treat you just have to look for the recipe and adjust It according to your dietary needs. You can make this “junk” free, easy and delicious homemade whip cream.

Here Is how to make this delicious homemade whip cream In about 10 minutes and 2 Ingredients!


1/2 cup of heavy cream (Ultra Pasteurized)

2-4 light drops of sugar-free pumpkin syrup (you can use any sugar-free syrup you like)

Here Is what I used. You want a high-fat content so the cream will turn Into whip cream the lower the fat content the lower chance It will work. I tried this recipe many times and this Is what has worked for me and hasn’t let me down.

                              Pictures Of What I Used

                                            Heavy Cream & Sugar-Free Syrup


First Add your mixing bowl In the freezer about 15 minutes before you make this recipe.You can use a Hand mixer or a Hand whisk but the hand whisk will take longer.  I didn’t do that (I forgot) and It took a bit longer for the Heavy Cream to whip up. Start off on a low-speed setting. Add your sweetener of choice. Only add a drop or two of the sweetener so you don’t add too much. You can always add more sweetener you can’t take It away. As the cream thickens slowly Increase the speed. After about 4 minutes start checking If the cream starts having soft peeks, which Is what you are looking for. As you see the cream slowly starting to have soft peaks start lowering the speed. You DO NOT WANT TO OVERBEAT IT! When you over beat the cream will start to lose volume and break up like butter. Pay attention because you don’t want that to happen and It can happen VERY QUICKLY! If for some reason you forgot to adjust the sweetness you can do It at this point. And BOOM! There you have It homemade whip cream that won’t break your carb budget. 

1/2 cup of Heavy cream got me just little over 1 cup. So you can always double the recipe If you are looking to have a big batch on hand. When my whip was done I put It In the freezer like regular whip cream. If you opt for the fridge you can enjoy homemade whip cream for about 2 days. 

You can put It on pancakes Is what I did. You can eat It out of the bowl, use It for Ice Cream toppings or even frost a cake or cupcakes.

Picture of what mine looked like when It was done

20180430_131809As you can see from the picture It Is nice and fluffy. It’s sweet but not too sweet. Of course, If you are used to the frozen whip cream than this might be an adjustment for you. But If you are like me and you like to make homemade things as often as possible then I highly recommend this recipe. Another great thing about this recipe Is that you can make It Into homemade whipped frosting.


Here are some links to recipes and where you can find me at and where I got my Pruvit Reboot Kit from. Disclaimer Some links are affiliate links but I do not make money If you click or buy anything from the affiliated links.

Chia Seed Pudding

(Link to the best Keto mousse around) Keto Mousse

(Links to Day 1 & 2 Of the Keto Reboot) Pruvit Keto Reboot Day 1

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(Where I bought the Reboot Kit From) OR

How you can Reach her If you are Interested In doing the Reboot or If you have any questions on going Keto for the first time.  (Her Facebook) Katherine Serenbetz (@pruvitwithkat) There she posts everything from nutrition, recipes, at home workouts, and one on one consultation about your fitness and nutrition goals.

Her Instagram:  pruvitwithkat

I do hope you stick around as I put out sometimes shitty content (SOMETIMES) other times I post educational, Informative things. I am learning what people like to read and what people don’t. The one thing you will get from me Is honesty. If I post something It’s because I believe In It no matter If It’s a beauty review, recipe post, or just me posting a random post.

I just want to say Thank you to all of those who read, view, like, comment, and subscribed to my blog It means the world to me.

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