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1 Week Keto Update

A little over a week ago 9 days ago I finished the Pruvit Keto Reboot. (Link to that post will be at the end of this post). In today’s post, I will give you a rundown on how I feel and If after 1 week am I still doing Keto and If I plan on doing Keto long Term or just until I reach my fitness and health goals. Since this will be a lengthy post I’m going to label each section for you. So If you are Interested In reading a certain section you can scroll down and find that section. Everything I mention If possible I will add links to recipes that I mention some have links some don’t. I will mention pancakes that don’t have a link to the recipe will be at the end of this post.

  1. Keto Reboot Update
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  3. Keto Update Continued/ Fat burning dressing (Link)
  4. Breaking Bad Habits
  5. Am I still doing Keto/ Intermittent Fasting
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  7. Fitness/ Health Goals
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Keto Reboot Update

9 days ago I finished the Pruvit Keto Reboot. I went 60 hours without food and survived on just liquids. I can’t say for sure If I lost any weight because I don’t own a scale. I will say this my clothes are a bit looser on me and my stomach Is flatter. I’ll Insert a 1-week picture update now. Scroll down for the continued update.

1 Week Post Reboot

20180425_120913 (1)This picture Is 100% real. I didn’t do any fancy posing I didn’t suck It In. This Is what my stomach looks like after 9 days post reboot and first thing In the morning with no food or water yet. Believe me when I drank water after I took this picture my stomach looked like I was 5 months pregnant.

Keto Update Continued

During the 3 days, I ate pretty light and I did eat keto per the Reboot after Instructions. I broke my fast around the 62-hour mark. I made a BIG cup of coffee and 2 eggs. It was the most delicious meal I ever had! My stomach was a bit queasy after. I think It was due to the fact that I broke my fast with coffee? (Yes I did drink water when I woke up). After I ate I made what Is called a fat-burning salad dressing. I will post the link to the original recipe below ( I did modify It to my personal needs I made It vegan).

I made a salad for lunch and pancakes for dinner. I will post the link to what I ate after the reboot. Day 2 post reboot I did keep It keto and simple keto simple recipes. The recipes were super simple and super easy to make but did require some Ingredients that I didn’t have on hand. (In a future blog I will post some of my favorite recipes from the past 9 days).  I have kept It Keto and haven’t gone back to my “old ways”.

Breaking Bad Habits

Since finishing the reboot I really, for the most part, haven’t gone back to my old habits. I have made some changes and If I didn’t do the Reboot this post wouldn’t even exist. When you are doing the reboot you aren’t allowed soda or caffeine or soda or anything. The reboot Is a liquid diet. During the reboot, my body detoxed from all the sugar and caffeine I filled my body with before and even the day of the reboot.

The main thing I noticed when coming off the reboot Is that I didn’t crave soda or sugary candy or junk food. It Is true what they say. This reboot does reset your body to a healthier lifestyle whether you are going keto or just want a fresh start for a healthier you. I did go back to soda (not often) when I do drink soda I drink coke zero and I will only have a small glass now back In the day before the reboot I could have a whole 2 liter In one day. I also didn’t go back to candy. I use to eat a whole bag full of sour patch kids In one day and In one sitting. I haven’t had sour patch kids In actually 2 weeks. I stopped eating candy 2 weeks before the reboot so my body wouldn’t go Into total shock. And as for junk food. I only eat either keto friendly junk food or Benitos chips. They aren’t that keto friendly In terms of carbs. But When the craving hits I just eat a few to satisfy that craving.

Am I Still Doing Keto/ Intermittent Fasting

I am still doing keto but It’s more of a trial basis. As currently I am recipe testing keto recipes and trying to either make It vegan It or make It vegetarian. I have been eating a lot more salads because It Is the easiest way for me to hit my macros and still have some room for when the junk food craving hit. I have started Intermittent fasting again and honestly, I didn’t do It on purpose I started drinking bulletproof coffee and I stopped eating when I wasn’t hungry anymore and with those things combined, I unintentionally started Intermittent fasting. I can’t say I mind It. The thing Is some days I can go almost 20 hours without eating because I’m just not that hungry. Also on those days, I eat maybe 1 meal and 1 snack for that day and that IS NOT HEALTHY!

So now I try and break my fast around 5 and eat until 10 or 11 pm. For some they don’t like going to bed full I, however, don’t mind going to bed feeling full. Also, I am up until 3 am so It does give my body some time to digest before I lay down.

Keto Long Term

As of right now, I can’t say If I will do It long term. I can say I do see myself continuing the Keto lifestyle for a long time but how long of a time Is to be determined. I can’t deny the results I maintained and saw from eating Keto for 9 days. The main thing I learned In these 9 days Is that keto Is mind over matter. If you are coming off of what Is called “The Standard American Diet” and you want to start the Keto Lifestyle than you might have to mentally prepare yourself. Keto Is a lifestyle, not just a diet. Diet Is something you do Short term to reach your ideal weight.

Disclaimer: I want to put a Disclaimer out there. If you have ever suffered from some type of eating disorder or your relationship with food Is bad. THAN KETO IS NOT FOR YOU! In the beginning when you switch your diet from low fat to high fat, low carb diet It can suppress your appetite. I should know. I think the reason for mine Is because of the Bulletproof coffee. Keto Is not designed for you to Intake little to no calories. Listen to me when I say the loss of appetite will go away and your body will go back to normal. Mine took about the 9 days to start being normal again and because your appetite Is suppressed you may also experience constipation. Before I went Keto I was “regular” and when I switched from an unhealthy vegetarian diet to a Keto/Vegetarian diet my body was backed up for about 3 days and then It took about 5 days to get back to full regular schedule. 

Fitness & Health Goals

I am VERY thankful to be a healthy woman. I don’t have any serious health “Issues” and for that I am thankful. I don’t have a certain weight I would like to see on the scale. I just go with the flow and If I had to put a number than I would say I would like to lose 30 pounds to start and then go from there. I stand at 5’5. So yes you can say I am overweight for my height. And as for Fitness goals. I do yoga 3-4 times a week to stretch and loosen my body back up. And when the gym opens up by my house I’ll join and start going to the gym. I also walk my dogs 2 times daily and to get some “extra” steps I walk the separate so that means I walk 4 times a day.



Here are some links to recipes and where you can find me at and where I got my Pruvit Reboot Kit from. Disclaimer Some links are affiliate links but I do not make money If you click or buy anything from the affiliated links.

Chia Seed Pudding

(Link to the best Keto mousse around) Keto Mousse

(Links to Day 1 & 2 Of the Keto Reboot) Pruvit Keto Reboot Day 1

Pruvit keto reboot (Day 2) + Recap

(Where I bought the Reboot Kit From) OR

How you can Reach her If you are Interested In doing the Reboot or If you have any questions on going Keto for the first time.  (Her Facebook) Katherine Serenbetz (@pruvitwithkat) There she posts everything from nutrition, recipes, at home workouts, and one on one consultation about your fitness and nutrition goals.

Her Instagram:  pruvitwithkat

I do hope you stick around as I put out sometimes shitty content (SOMETIMES) other times I post educational, Informative things. I am learning what people like to read and what people don’t. The one thing you will get from me Is honesty. If I post something It’s because I believe In It no matter If It’s a beauty review, recipe post, or just me posting a random post.

I just want to say Thank you to all of those who read, view, like, comment, and subscribed to my blog It means the world to me.

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