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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol. 1


I recently got the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Vol 1. I know It came out early last year (2017). What do you do when you want that new palette, but don’t have the $$ you wait for the price to go down.

I will admit early 2017 I wasn’t really into makeup. The only thing I would put on my face was beside moisturizer was concealer and some lipstick yeah, I know who would wear just concealer? Anyway, this post Is my review of the ABH Lip Palette Vol 1.

I was fortunate enough to score mine from Marshall’s for $24.99 that Is almost half of what the original price Is. If you want to buy this bad boy full price It’s $48 us dollars. The thing about Marshall’s Is that you can get name brand makeup at half off the retail price. The only thing Is that the box might be ripped or the dented.

Review: ABH Is an 18 shade palette that ranges from primary colors, neutrals, and bolds. You can use the ABH palette to create endless amounts of lip colors.

ABH palette comes with a small gray mixing plate and a lip brush with a spatula for mixing. ABH Is vegan, so If you’re looking for more vegan high-end products here you go. It’s also paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free. When you open the box, the colors aren’t names, but instead numbered. I think on the ABH website you can find a chart with the actual names of each color.

Here Is a swatch that I did with numbers and color names. Starting from the top of my arm.Mms_2018-03-02_15_46_10(3)

#1. Peachy Pink
#2. Red Oak Brown
#3. Burnt Orange
#4. Rich Oak Brown
#5. Burnished Berry
#6. Rich Mahogany Brown
#7. Vibrant Coral
#8. Warm Sandy Brown
#9. Vibrant Orchid Purple
#10. Berry Pink
#11. Soft Oak Brown
#12. Vibrant Pink

The last six colors are the primary colors. These are colors that you mix with the non-primary colors to make your own color.

Here Is a swatch starting from the top of my arm


#1. Primary White
#2. Primary Black
#3. Red
#4. Yellow
#5. Blue
#6. Blackened Berry

I have used all the colors I accidentally deleted that picture. I’ve tried many different colors and I have to say that the primary white, red and the nude colors are very loved. I actually almost hit pan.

If you love lipstick than you’ll love this because you’ll save money by not buying lipsticks because you probably could make that color yourself with this palette.

The lipstick dries down to a satin finish.

Overall: If you’re lucky the lipstick can stay put for around 3-4 hours. But let’s face It you’re probably going to eat or drink something within that time. I noticed when I was drinking my coffee through a straw there wasn’t much transfer barely any transferred onto the straw. Food. Well, Food was the death of the lipstick. I ate something that was a bit oily and BOOM all of It came off except the lipstick that was In the lines of my lips.

There could be some patchiness depending on what primary color and 1-12 color you mix. Also If you use the color Individually you run the same risk. Now It’s not all the colors just a few of them. I think I had an Issue with Yellow, White and Light Pink color.

If you mix the colors together reapplying will be an Issue when you aren’t home. You can bring the palette with you but It Is a big bulky and heavy.  Also, there Is no mirror  It can dry your lips out depending on how many layers you put on. After a while, It can become a little clumpy again this doesn’t happen for a few hours. It doesn’t bleed and It smears so be careful.

Overall ABH lip palette leaves your lips feeling dry. Dry enough that you need to exfoliate also you should exfoliate before you put on this product and add some moister to your lips to help with your lips drying out.

I recommend only buying this when It’s on sale or If you find It at Marshall’s like I did I would say go for It. If you know your way around paint this Is for you because since there Is some amount of mixing involved.  This Is good for people who want many shades of lipsticks but don’t want to horde them.

Overall I say If you want this go for It to go for It.  This review Is just my honest opinion. Everyone will get different results. For my first “grown” up lip palette, I will say I do like playing around with the different shades.

I’d say buy with caution. I hope I gave you enough Info about this palette.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on what you want to see next or what I could Improve on you can reach me here or on any of my social media sites.

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