Applying Concealer (Beginners)

Today I am talking about how to apply concealer as a beginner.

Disclaimer: I’m not a beauty guru nor do I claim to be. I’m simply a self-proclaimed makeup lover that want’s to share her tips and tricks that I learned along the way. Also, I want to say every person applies their concealer differently. Some put on concealer before foundation and some put It on after foundation. I’m going to give you my tips on applying concealer after foundation.

Trick #1 When I’m In a hurry and I don’t have the time to put on a full face of makeup I’ll just dab some concealer under my eyes and any spots that I think may need It.

This Is what I use on days that I don’t do a full face of makeup and just concealer
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Tip For Trick #1: I apply my concealer after I washed and applied moisturizer to my face. I put concealer under my eyes and I take my concealer brush and I dab It Into any spots that I think need covering up. But my main focus Is under my eyes. Gotta cover them dark circles up.

There are tons of different concealers out there. There are ones that are a duo where It covers up dark circles and color correct, stick foundations and pencils. I’m not going to get Into that today. How you should pick out concealer Is that you should go 1-2 shades darker. I like to go light under my eyes since I have dark circles the light concealer helps freshen that up.

Different types of skin types should stay away from certain kinds of concealers. I’ll get to that In an upcoming blog.

Step 1: You want to wash your face and moisturize it. Go for a moisturizer that has an SPF 15 and higher.

Step 2: I use a brush, but you can use whatever you feel comfortable using. Take your concealer and add small dots under your eyes or you can do what beauty gurus do and make a triangle under your eyes.

Step 3: You want to lightly blend the concealer under your eyes. If you want, you can also work the concealer Into the side of your nose.

Tip #2 Make sure to blend the concealer all the way up to your bottom lash line. This will help to make your concealer look more natural.

Step 4: In this step, you can apply the concealer on any acne spots, dark spots such as sunspots, and any scars you may have.

Step 5: I don’t do this step If all I’m wearing Is concealer. So this step is completely optional.

Optional Step: If you want to set your concealer and your translucent setting powder. Take some setting powder onto the brush and powder the areas that you put concealer. Let that setting powder set for 5 minutes and lightly dust away the excess powder. This will set your concealer for the day.

I also use this concealer on the days that my dark circles are really dark.

20180301_205150                               This concealer Is really good at doing the job.

And these are the concealers I switch between depending on the coverage I need.

20180301_205140 All of my concealers were purchased at the drugstore for $10 and under.

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XOXO~ Amanda


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