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Argan Oil Is It Worth It?

To kick off today’s content and Is It Worth It Series I will be reviewing The Physicians Formula Argan Oil.


Over the last few months, life happened and I had to find a way to simplify my skincare routine. I think I perfected that by telling you that holy grail product. If you’re Into skincare or beauty then you probably have heard of Argan Oil.

Argan Oil also is known as Liquid Gold. This liquid Gold has become beauty cure-all. Argan Oil Is a multi-tasker that claims to be a moisturizer, a skin softener, a face brightener, a primer, and you can use It on your hair, nails, and skin. I heard of Argan Oil but never had the money to shell out for It. Fast forward a few months later and I finally had some extra money to try this baby out.

Now for me, It’s hard to believe that this bottle claims to do so many things. So I decided to take one for the team and buy this baby for $14.99.


I first started by placing  2 droplets In the palm of my hand. And I lightly rubbed the oil all over my face. I think the best thing Is that oil Is just 100% Argan Oil nothing else. There aren’t any fillers, preservatives, no fillers, no fragrances so If you are sensitive to fragrances then you can use It.

It retails for $14.99 for 1oz. It seems a bit pricey but again a little goes a long way. I started using the oil as a face moisturizer. And at night I used It as a night time moisturizer. When I woke up the next morning my face felt soft and no dry. In my opinion, you don’t need any other moisturizers but during the day I did pair It with a moisturizer that has an SPF In It since the oil doesn’t have any. And at night If I remembered I paired It with my night time facial cream.


Honestly, I did notice a difference after a few weeks of using It. My wrinkles started to reduce and my face seemed alive and awake that wasn’t powered by coffee and makeup. I started using this during winter for some extra moister surge and It worked. My face hasn’t been dry once since I started using It.

You can use It on your nails I did and let me tell you something. My nails started growing long. I have thin nails and this argan oil helped strengthen them. I was surprised there. You want to use It as an all over body lotion you can and If you want to take a few drops and mix It Into your regular lotion you can do that as well.

You can even use It as a hair treatment. I’ll be honest I don’t have hair. If you read my last post about the Maybelline foundation you would’ve seen In one of the pictures that I don’t have hair. I’ve been buzzing my hair off now for almost 3 years. I did rub the extra In my hair and It did leave my hair feeling soft and just greasy.

Here are my thoughts. Is It Worth It? Yes, It is worth It. 1oz. goes a long way. I’ve had mine now for a few months and I’m just about done. My sister and her boyfriend use It In their hair. And here Is an Interesting thing. My sister’s boyfriend has dandruff and after using the argan oil his dandruff Is GONE!

I say this Is a buy and I’m sure If my sister and her boyfriend didn’t use It I would have a bit more. The price Is a good price point and honestly, I don’t have any complaint about this product. I will be buying It again. I also got the Physicians Formula coconut water primer I’ll review that one later. I’ll say this you’ll want to come back for that review.

~Here Is a link to the Physicians Formula Argan Oil

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