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Beauty Trend?

Disclaimer: Here on Amanda Explains It I like to discuss different things. Those things could be food,allergy-friendly recipes, pet health, nutritional or just me simply being honest about things. I like to post different things for my followers. I also enjoy talking about topics that others may not because It may be taboo. Today I’m going to discuss something that I personally do 1 to 2 times a month sometimes weekly. If you have any advice that I may have missed please let me know I always welcome Information that I can learn from. If you have any negative comments please keep them to yourself because here on my blog I’m all about positivity and not negativity. Now onto today’s post.

Today I’m going to discuss something that I do sometimes weekly or bi-weekly. It’s something that when mentioned I get side eye because some just aren’t educated In certain beauty areas for women. Today I’m going to discuss women shaving their faces.I personally started shaving my face this year when I started wearing more makeup. I was googling something and I saw a post about a woman shaving her face and she claimed that It made her makeup apply nicely, evenly, and It even lasted longer.

I’m a researcher. I will research everything and anything If I feel curious about It or If I simply don’t understand something. So I researched women shaving their faces and yes I’m going to be saying similar things to what other woman have mentioned but the difference Is I’m going to keep It 100% real.

Let me start off by saying no I don’t stand In front of the mirror with a razor and shaving cream. I do stand In front of the mirror so I can see but no shaving cream Is or razor Is Involved. I’m sure you men who may read this are thinking woman put shaving cream on their faces and It might be like a dude shaving their faces. Let me tell you It’s nothing like that. It’s quite simple and the whole process doesn’t take long.

I’m lucky when It comes to facial hair. I was blessed with what Is called vellus hair also known as peach fuzz. I don’t have a lot of It and It’s really not noticeable. I know some women who have what looks like a full beard and that Is usually due to a hormonal Imbalance like PCOS. I’m thankful that I don’t have a hormonal Imbalance and I just shave my face so my makeup applies better.

At the beginning of this year, I was cruising youtube and I wanted to learn how to make my makeup apply better and stay on longer. And I came across this video of this woman that mentioned she shaves her face once a week. I never thought that as a woman shaving my face was even a thought or even possible for that matter. But It was and I wanted to learn how to do It and when was the best time to do It.

Women shaving their faces has been around for a long time. When a woman goes to a spa and gets a facial called dermaplaning. It’s when licensed dermatologist will take the first layer of dead skin off It leaves your skin glowing and feeling baby soft.

When dermaplaning the oils, creams and any other beauty products absorb better Into your skin. Don’t worry your hair won’t grow back faster, thicker or darker. Like I said I shave my face once a week or so and honestly I don’t even notice my peach fuzz. The only time I notice Is when I go and shave my face and the peach fuzz comes off.

Here are some questions that I get. 1) Does It Hurt? It doesn’t hurt normally and It shouldn’t hurt. There was this one time that It did hurt and that was only because I used a peel-off facemask first than I shaved my face (rookie mistake).

2) I already mentioned this your hair won’t grow back thicker, darker, or faster.

3)The only products I use when shaving my face Is a facial hair remover razor (not a razor). It comes with a light so I can see where I need to shave and If I miss any spots.

4) Please stay away from leg razors. I used a leg razor once and I did It dry thinking It would be ok. And let me tell you my face looked rough for a few days. I didn’t have any cuts but since I shaved my face dry I had some major razor burns.

5) Another question I get when Is the best time to shave my face? I shave my face when I do what I call a self-care night. That’s when I bleach my hair, do a peel-off face mask, do my nails and I use my derma roller. My face afterward feels and looks like a baby’s bottom and I can’t stop touching my face. I don’t recommend touching your face but when you shave It you can’t help but touch It.

6) Here’s how I shave my face. There Is a technique to It. You can’t just shave your face. If you want the maximum benefits of Shaving your face then you need to follow this technique. Pull the skin taut, then start shaving downward on your skin in short strokes. You can’t just drag the razor against your skin — it wouldn’t do anything. Also, hold the razor at a 45-degree angle against the skin.

TIP: Here are my tips for after shaving. Moisturize afterward. Shaving means taking a layer of dead skin off your face. It’s exfoliating! Moisturize afterward so your skin doesn’t get too dry. I skipped moisturizer ONE TIME and my face was as dry as the desert.

Final Tip: Only do this If you feel comfortable. It took me awhile to feel comfortable before I shaved my face for the first time. Do research or even talk to other women who have been shaving their faces for a while. And If you don’t care about peach fuzz than you reading this far Is pointless for you but could help a woman you know who may be Interested In shaving her face.

I hope you have been enjoying me posting more things that I’m Interested In besides beauty? I’ll be doing more of these posts because I have TONS of new makeup products that I haven’t even begun to try out so I can review them because I don’t know where to start but they are coming.

Like always

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