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Being Honest

Originally I was going to post about the dangers of Soy for women. I realized that I wasn’t happy with that post so I deleted and Instead I’m going to come clean about something. Something that probably Isn’t that serious to some people but for me Is kinda serious since I preach things health, nutrition, and spirituality. And since I am on the path of spirituality I felt like I’ll be honest with something.

As most of you who read my posts will know that I mentioned that I’m vegetarian. I’ve been vegetarian for about a full year. This year has been a little rough to stick with It fully because as also some of you also know that I recently had to move back In with my family. My funds are pretty limited since I have 2 dogs that need food and care and my money goes towards that.

So when It comes to food I 100% stay away from foods that I’m allergic to and I’m about 90% gluten-free. Since being back home and having limited funds when It comes to my food I’m relying on what Is bought for me. For the most part, my family buys me food that they think I can eat or they actually buy me things I can 100% eat. I give my family props for really trying to buy me food that they think I can eat.

For the most part, I’m 85% vegetarian. When I’m home I cook vegan and allergy friendly foods. Then there are times that I crave Taco Bell and I get a beef burrito knowing that I’m Intolerant to beef. But I get what I crave At that moment and then moments or hours later I’m full of regret because I’m bloated and nauseous and I feel regret because I ate an animal.

When I’m craving those things I just give In. Recently since being back on a spiritual path I started thinking during my meditation sessions why do I crave Taco Bell or Mcdonalds? Do I crave those things because I’m too lazy that day to cook? Or am I craving those things because I’m having a bad day and when I had a bad day In the past I use to eat at those places?

A part of me needs accountability. Like I tell people I’m vegetarian and shit but knowing that the night before I had a beef burrito. I think I’m hard on myself because I want to go back to being a full 100% vegetarian. I want to preach what I practice and I don’t practice what I preach all the time. I know I’m human and we all have setbacks for whatever reason and as long as you are on the path trying to get back to where you were then that’s fine.

I think my biggest problem Is that all of these delicious looking treats are coming out and I want to try those treats. Like I said I’m 90% gluten-free and that Is because sometimes when I get home and I eat the product I scan the product claiming to be gluten-free and I find out that It’s not 100% gluten-free. So I don’t go eating non-gluten-free things life happens and I get glutened without knowing It. And also I eat Taco Bell and that’s for sure not gluten-free.

I want to find people who will be like bitch you know you can’t eat that why are you going to eat that? I’m a weak Individual person when It comes to giving In to cravings and treats knowing that I may not be able to safely eat It. Now just because I give Into beef burrito cravings I don’t eat any other meat. From McDonald’s I get just the fries and as far as I know the fries are a safe food for me to eat. And I did have the chicken nuggets but I was watching a scary movie and It was bought for me. Does that count? I don’t go seeking It.

Like I said I don’t eat any other meat. When It comes to the holiday’s I eat vegan meat or I I just eat the veggies. Being 100% vegetarian Isn’t hard It’s to put It simply I’m a weak person who gives Into cravings at times. I know I’m human and currently given my situation I’m trying the best I can. And I know I might seem hard on myself and that Is because I’ve wanted to be a full vegan In the past and In the past, I gave Into the foods that I was surrounded by and me being vegan lasted about 5 months.

If you made It this far thank you! I felt like If I’m going to talk about all things that Interest me I felt like I needed to be honest about my current vegetarian lifestyle. Please, If you feel the need to comment something negative please save yourself the time and just don’t. Your comment will be deleted. I’m all about positivity and lifting people up rather than telling someone something they probably already know.

I could’ve made this post Into a book but I decided to keep It short, simple and straight to the point. There are a few things that I didn’t get Into simply because that stuff happened In the past and I’m not ready to discuss It but It did relate to this post maybe In a future post I will discuss my journey from when I started working out for the first time that led me to veganism and what I ate when I stopped being vegan and what led me to get blood tested for food Intolerances and what my plan Is for the future when It comes to veganism and vegetarianism.

If you would be Interested In reading that please comment and let me know I would probably do that In a series of posts.

Thank You for reading today’s post! <3

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