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Change Your Body’s Setpoint

If you’ve ever been on a “diet”, you probably are familiar with the concept of your weight “set point.” Your body’s natural set point is the weight your body will seek to maintain, even when confronted with a low-calorie diet. Once your weight dips below — or above — the natural set point, your metabolism adjusts in an attempt to restore the set point weight. Each person’s set point is different and based on factors such as heredity, height, and body frame.

Step 1

Keep your “diet”  healthy and consume sufficient amounts of calories. Many dieters, particularly when they hit a weight loss plateau, tend to reduce calories further. However, this will likely only slow your metabolism and make it harder to lose more weight. Instead, try making adjustments in the types of foods you are eating, such as fats or refined carbs.

Step 2

Exercise. The single best way to give your metabolism a boost is to exercise. It’s also important to include variety in your workout, to avoid your body becoming too accustomed to a particular regimen. Try alternating cardiovascular workouts with weight training. Lean muscle can increase your body’s ability to burn calories.

Step 3

Eat several small meals instead of a few large ones. Whenever you eat, your body’s metabolism kicks into gear. So if you eat six light meals and/or snacks rather than three large ones, you keep your metabolism active throughout the day.

Step 4

Accept your body’s natural weight. Although you may be able to take action to keep your metabolism in top shape,  you probably won’t be able to drastically reduce your set point. Instead of comparing your natural shape with that of a skinny supermodel, strive to be as healthy, fit and in harmony with your body as possible.

 My Advice

Keep in mind that the setpoint can also be your friend. When your weight goes too high above your set point, your body will naturally strive to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

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