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Destroy Those Habits

Today I am going to talk about some “fat habits”. “Fat Habits” are things that you do every day that might be keeping you from reaching your fitness goals and keeping you out of those skinny jeans. Don’t worry with some dedication you can change these habits and you’ll be back Into those skinny jeans In no time.

Overdoing It In “Diet”

There Is no special “Diet” food or drink that can help with long-term weight loss success. It’s quite simple all you need Is simple natural, good for you wholefoods like fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and simple carbs. When people want to lose weight people always go for the pricey bars, smoothies or sugar substitutions. Studies show for long-term success “Diet” foods can actually Increase craving for sweets, or anything that Is unhealthy for you.

Suggestion: If you can avoid all “Diet” foods that are prepackaged. 1.) They are EXPENSIVE  and they aren’t really that healthy for you.

Overdoing It With Food

Most people who have weight woes also suffer from emotional eating. You may snack at work because you’re bored or binge when you need a pick-me-up after a bad day. I did a post a few weeks ago about mental nutrition It’s about feeling depressed due to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals… If you are curious In reading that post here Is the link so you can read It. Nutritional Depression

To combat emotional eating, you need to practice mindful eating. This means being fully present In the moment (not distracted or watching television) when you eat. Eating mindfully will help you recognize when you’re truly physically hungry and when emotions are taking over. Before you rush to soothe your feelings with food, stop and assess what’s happening. Observe and describe your feelings. Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Build self-control and try to banish emotional eating that does not come from true hunger.

Suggestion: If you need to talk It out. Talking about what triggers your emotional eating might actually help you overcome It. I’ve been there I know how It feels too emotional eat. I talked It out and I learned what my snacking triggers are.

Perfect Eater

This Is an all-or-nothing approach to eating Is too restrictive and unrealistic. It’s like trying to walk on a tightrope for life (we all fall off). Instead of thinking of a strict eating plan that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, focus on strategies that you can, with a little work, realistically live with. Expect slip-ups to happen when you’re losing weight. If you fall off the healthy train and have a bad day, week, or month, just think: Life Happens. And start fresh on Monday.

Suggestion: It’s okay to slowly ease Into a new eating style. You don’t have to go all In. You can simply and slowly make small changes each day or week and before you know It you are rocking your new fitness/nutrition journey. If you mess up that’s fine you’re human. If you think having full cheat week will make you stay on track fine do It. Just don’t make It a habit. If It’s a once a month thing I’m all for It.

Forgetting Your Favorite Foods

I always tell anyone that I work with Is not to forget your favorite foods. If you don’t give yourself your cheat day with your favorite meals eventually that Is all you will think about and you will end up spoiling all of your hard work. You want that cake go for It. You don’t like cake but you love Ice Cream than go for that Ice Cream.

Suggestion: Again If you want those sweet treats I’m all for It. I’m all about moderation. If you want a sweet treat after dinner go for It. Depriving yourself of your favorite treats or foods will consume your mind and you will end up failing. So If you can’t wait 3 days or 6 days until your “free” day then go for small “healthier” treats that will keep you on track and not sabotage your progress.

Too Soon

Once you decide that you want to lose weight you expect the weight you want to lose weight fall off overnight? It’s okay that you thought that I thought the same thing when I first started my weight loss journey. I’m going to say this 1.) DITCH THE SCALE! I have a post explaining I detail on why you shouldn’t step on the scale. If you want to read all about It here Is the link to that post so you can check It out. Ditch The Scale

Suggestion: I’m going to guess that you didn’t gain that weight overnight. So expect not to lose that weight overnight. For some women (Including myself) I lose water weight first and Inches before I even lose weight. Slow and steady always wins. Just keep focused on why you want to lose weight you will have long-term success.

Liquid Calories

People these days are drinking a larger proportion of their calories than ever coffee, tea, soda, and smoothies, and because liquids are less filling than eating real food, It may lead to overconsumption (overeating) of calories. Sugary beverages…Including soda, fruit drinks  (smoothies), and flavored waters…are also linked to Increased risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers because they cause a rapid spike In blood sugar and Insulin levels that are metabolically damaging. Try to avoid any sugary beverages and alcohol as much as possible and limit dairy beverages and fruit-based beverages to no more than 150 calories per day.

Suggestions: This Is simple and I’ll say It over and over. If you want all of those sweet sugary treats to save It all for your “free” days. Eventually, you won’t even need those “free” days because you won’t crave those things anymore.

Final Thoughts

With “Diet” comes a lifestyle change. To be successful In long-term success you need to change your thinking about food. I’m all for a cheat week If that means It will help you stay on track. I’m all for certain things to help you stay on the right nutritional path. There Is NO easy way to weight loss and don’t ever feel discouraged because someone Is losing weight faster than you. Everybody’s body Is different and unique. You will achieve your fitness goals with time and patience.

Thank You!

I do hope you stick around as I put out different types of content  I try to post educational, Informative things that everyone can learn from. I am learning what people like to read and what people don’t. The one thing you will get from me Is honesty. If I post something It’s because I believe In It no matter If It’s a beauty review, recipe post, or just me posting a random post.

I just want to say Thank you to all of those who read, view, like, comment, and subscribed to my blog It means the world to me <3

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2018-06-07 at 6:15 pm

Love this post!! Habits are hard to break. It takes 21 Days to make a habit and it only takes one day to mess it up. Habits can become a lifestyle. You just have to be willing to do the work.

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