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Different Sizes

Today I went summer shopping. Winter is gone summer is coming. When it comes to clothes shopping I’ve always been the type that would guess my size, buy it, get home try whatever I bought on and then return anything that didn’t look right or anything that didn’t fit. I’m an American size 12-14. It’s weird in jeans I am a 12 and in shorts, I am a 12-14 and that depends on where I buy my shorts. That leads me to today’s post. I want to talk about why you might be different sizes in different brands. Curious? Thought so keep on reading to find out more.

Disclaimer: I felt like I need to put a disclaimer because today’s post might trigger some people. Even though I am talking about the clothing industry and that’s why we as women are different sizes in different brands at different stores. I IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM trying to make you feel upset about talking about something that is very common. I felt the need to express myself because I myself have difficulties finding clothes that fit my bottom half. IF you feel triggered in any way please feel free to skip today’s post and come back tomorrow. For those of you who are curious about why you might be different sizes than please keep on reading.

Today I went to Old Navy with my sister. I have always been a jean size 14 for the longest time. In the last couple of years, I went down to a size 12. I am pretty happy with being a 12 because I feel like I can find cute jeans in the style I like and they fit in the places that I need jeans to fit. I usually buy my jeans from Old Navy because they have styles I like, they always have the right length that I’m looking for and they hold up really really well and you can’t beat the price.

Today I tried on 4 different style of jean shorts all the same size and all from Old Navy. Each of the 4 shorts all fit me so differently. They all were 3″ length and all a size 10. The fourth pair that i tried on I couldn’t even put them over my butt. I honestly did feel some way because in my mind if the first three pairs fit then the fourth should also boy was i wrong.

The thing is if you are different sizes in different style of clothes from different brands and stores you shouldn’t feel any type of way because it’s not you it’s the clothing industry.  There is something called vanity sizing – means clothing stores have shrunk their sizes over the years in order to make shoppers feel skinnier. However, the clothing items themselves are still the same size. And this can vary from one store to the next because brands tend to target different demographics. For example, a size 16 dress in 1958 is now considered a size 8

This “vanity sizing”  can leave you feeling like you hate shopping. I get it. I do. Shopping for any type of clothes can be exhausting and leave you not wanting to go shopping again.

Did You Know?:  68% of American Women wear a size 14 or above.

In the US clothing industry, sizes 14 and above are typically considered “plus size,” though not everyone who falls into that range identifies or agrees with the term. To some, it’s an outdated and othering way to describe the majority of American women; to others, it’s a useful signpost toward clothes that will actually fit. Today, some brands are making it a moot point entirely, doing away with divisions and adopting inclusive sizing that can span sizes 0 to 32 (and eventually beyond, if the pioneering startup Universal Standard has anything to say about it).

For reference I am 5’5 -173- and my waist is a-31 and i wear a small-medium-and bottom is a 12.

Women are left to navigate the chaos of arbitrary sizing on their own. So much for enabling women to be fitted properly by the same size regardless of price, type of apparel, or manufacturer of the garment. Sizes are more of a guess or estimate because they are clearly not accurate or consistent between brands – sometimes even a single brand’s range of jeans isn’t consistent with their sizing.

I just want to say that no matter what your size or shape if you feel frustrated because something doesn’t fit you in one store in your size but fits you in another store it’s not you. Don’t feel discouraged. I understand how it can make you feel. The shorts I bought only 1 pair fit me perfectly all the other pairs are tight so that means I’m going to be exchanging them for a bigger size and that Is ok.

Women are made to feel like crap from men because we might look like their ideal “perfect” woman. I am a female that buzzcuts her hair a few times a year and I like to color my hair different colors because life is too short to be boring. I have been made to feel huge by men because what they want is not who I am. If you are a size 0 or a size 20. You be who you are. I am here for you. If you want to reach out and talk about today’s post or anything related to today’s post or any past post please feel free in reaching out and I will be more than happy to talk.

Final Thoughts

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Thank You

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