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Ditch The Dairy

There is a milk myth going around for years now. This myth is a flawed belief that the protein and calcium found in milk are essential for overall health overall bone health in particular at any age. It’s easy to understand that the confusion about milk’s imaginary benefits stems from the fact that it contains calcium and protein. It is said an 80z glass of milk (may) contain about 300 mg of calcium per 8 0z.

Many scientific studies have shown an assortment of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption. The most surprising link is that not only do we barely absorb the calcium found in cow’s milk (especially if it’s pasteurized)  but to make matters worse it actually increases calcium loss from the bones. 

While calcium from animal milk is not absorbed as well as that from plant-based sources. It can be accompanied by a number of dangerous health problems.

Today I’m going to give you 12 reasons on why you should consider giving up dairy or the very least try to limit your dairy intake.

12 Reasons To Ditch Dairy


1) Hormones: Growth Hormones can clog your pores and it can cause acne,eczema & psoriasis.

2) Casein: Casein in Cow’s Milk is the most relevant cancer promoter ever researched and discovered.

3) Weight: Cow’s Milk can make losing weight difficult due to high saturated fat content & inflammation.

4) Cheese: Cheese has a strong opioid on the brain making it dangerously addictive. (Opioids are substances that act on opioid receptors to produce morphine-like effects.) 

5) Diseases: Cow’s Milk has been linked to heart diseases, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

6) Allergy: Cow’s Milk can cause allergies and sensitivities. 

7) Human Baby: You’re not a baby cow. Humans are the only species on the planet that drinks milk of another specie.

8) Alernatives: There are many more “milk” alernatives on the market today. If you want to try to limit or give up dairy you can try Almond “Milk”, Coconut “Milk”, and Cashew “Milk” all are great alternatives and actually are cheaper than a gallon of Cow’s Milk.

9) Digest: Lactose doesn’t digest properly leaving people chronically bloated,gassy, and feeling sick. If you don’t know what Lactose is… Lactose is ~It is a sugar composed of galactose and glucose. If you are Lactose Intolerant your body can’t digest the sugar that is found in milk. 

10) Calcium: Calcium from milk is poorly absorbed compared to plant-based milk. 

11) EstradiolPeople are always concerned about the phytoestrogens in soy foods. Yet, dairy has estradiol, natural animal/human-based estrogen, which is 10,000 times more potent than environmental or phytoestrogens.

12): Saturated Fat & Cholesterol: All milk products (and all animal products for that matter) contain cholesterol and saturated fat, but cheese is one of the worst culprits. Even if you are buying “lower fat” milk products, you still aren’t doing your body a favour. In fact, a 2011 Harvard study found that the milk sugar in skim milk may make you fatter than whole milk!

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