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Ditch The Scale

What I am about to tell you might sound like a shocker… Scales don’t determine how far we’ve come in our health and fitness journey, they don’t determine progress or worth. Us women don’t have to live our lives by that little number you see on the scale. I get It you feel accomplished when you see that number go down. And you get frustrated when that number doesn’t move.  The best way to reset your mind on weight loss is to just completely reset. This is not a diet, this is not a boot camp. You are having a lifestyle overhaul, a transformation to make lifelong changes that will stick. 

People exercise to feel and look good not to lose weight. 

The first thing you should do Is throw away that scale or store It away In a place that you’ll forget where It Is so that way you won’t be tempted to step on It. 

You should focus on how you feel, not how you look or how much you weigh. You have more energy, less moody, and you can think clearer. Those things are more worthy than any number on the scale.

Today I’m going to talk about why you should ditch the scale for good.


To Weigh Or Not To Weigh

The scale could be a great tool If you are maintaining weight loss. For those people, they like to see their weight to see if they are still on track. If you’re just starting a weight loss program, the number on the scale can be deceptive, making you feel that you’re not making progress even when you are. 

First, when you start exercising, the progress you make is all happening inside your body, all the way down to the cellular level. Your heart is learning how to pump blood more efficiently, your body is creating more mitochondria in response to this new demand, and your muscles are getting stronger to adapt to your workouts. These are things that simply won’t show up on a scale. Unfortunately, the hard work of diet and exercise isn’t always reflected on the scale for new exercisers, especially during the first few weeks. A few things that may happen when you start a weight loss program.

Delayed Results

1.) Delayed results – How long does it take weight changes to show on the scale? It takes us an average of  4-6 weeks sometimes more of “diet” and exercise before seeing significant changes on the scale, and even then we may get different readings based on day-to-day weight fluctuations.

2.) Unrealistic expectations – When you work hard at your workouts and “diet”, you may expect more than your body can deliver, which leads to disappointment.

3.) Tunnel vision – We get so focused on the scale that it blocks out other things we’re getting out of our workouts. The long-term rewards of exercise aren’t always obvious when you’re a beginner and you forget there are other reasons to exercise and eat healthfully.

discouraged by what you’re seeing on the scale, consider weighing yourself once a month rather than daily or weekly to give your body time to adapt to what you’re doing.

Show Up

1.) Showing up for your workouts – Set goals based on how many workouts you’ll do each week rather than how much weight you’ll lose. Now you have something tangible you can track on a regular basis. Seeing a calendar of your completed workouts will give you a sense of success that the scale may not

2.)  Know your body – You can’t lose weight until you exercise consistently and you can’t do that until you build endurance and strength. Take the first few weeks to experiment, condition your body and figure out what you’re capable of.

3.) Learning how to exercise – If you’re a beginner, there’s a learning curve that may take you awhile to overcome. Give yourself space to learn good form, solid technique and effective methods of training before you put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight.

Ditch The Scale

Changing your lifestyle and habits Is difficult enough without adding the pressure of losing a certain number of pounds each week. Your body won’t always cooperate and you’ll rarely get everything perfect from day to day. Starting off on the right foot means having.

1.) Drop the mental baggage, or you will carry It with you for a very long time. I have seen so many people (even other trainers) In great shape obsessed with what they weighed. Most people would pay anything to look like them, yet they are depressed and unhappy. All because of some number.

2.) We all like to see progress, right? I get that as it can be motivating. But can you tell me that you can’t notice an improvement in body composition through how your clothes are fitting? Jeans not so tight anymore? How about just by looking in the mirror? What about by your daily energy, performance, or strength gains? Why not use those instead?

3.) If you want to still keep knowing what you weigh, do it over the long run. Once every couple months. Only at the doctor’s office for your physical. Just don’t keep checking it daily or even weekly. If your happiness is attached to what the scale is going to say, you are not allowing yourself to be free from it.

I personally haven’t stepped on a scale In over a year. I live by the method of how do I feel and look In my clothes. I honestly don’t care what the scale says anymore. I love the freedom I feel. I use to be a slave to the scale not anymore. 

Side Note:  You can also apply this if your goals are to put on more muscle. Forget the number you think you need to be in life, and opt for something with deeper meaning such as health, strength, and performance.

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