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Exercises For Rainy Days

I don’t know about you but I am the type of person that when It rains I really don’t feel that working out. I rather make myself a cup of tea and watch myself a horror movie while I admire the cloudy gray sky (now you know my favorite type of weather). I know If I want that six pack (ABS) that I need to work out or the very least get a good sweat sesh in.
You can do all of these workouts In 30 minutes or you can add reps or weights and go for a longer time so you get a really good burn in and you will burn those calories or the third option is that you can follow the time listed in the section for that workout. If you want to know some rainy day indoor workouts that you can do right in your living room then please keep on reading.

 Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a great cardio exercise to get the blood and oxygen going. Start with your hands at your side and your feet together. While jumping in the air, spread your arms and legs, then end with them back by your side as you land again.

Jog In Place

No treadmill? No problem! If you are a jogger, or even if not, you can get some good cardio is to jog in place. Jogging in place strengthens the heart, the lungs, and is a great way to burn calories.


Crunches work the upper abdominal muscles. They are similar to regular sit-ups, but rather than coming up to a sitting position, only raise up to lift your chest off the floor.


If you can’t bike outside, then bike inside. On the floor with legs in the air, bicycle your legs for 30 minutes. It may not be as fun, but you’re getting the same great exercise.

Shoulder Touch

Don’t forget about your arms. You can help keep your arms toned by holding them out to the side and repeatedly bending your arms at the elbow to touch your shoulders. Repeat 20-25 times.

Push Ups

Push-ups tone your chest, triceps, and shoulders. While on the floor face-down and feet together, push yourself up by bending your elbows, then lower yourself back to the ground.


If you love want to get a toned butt and legs; you’ll love what squats can do for them. Start in a stand-up position with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down until you are just over your knees, then stand again.


Lunges help strengthen and tone the upper thigh. With feet together, lunge forward into a big step. You can either step back and repeat on other side or lunge on down the hall.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts tone your quads. Lying on your back with arms to your side, and legs stretched out in front, lift both legs off the floor. Raise them several inches and hold the position 5-10 seconds.


If you have steps in your home, turn them into a great butt and leg toning exercise. Using one step, step up and down for 15-30 minutes.

Scissor Kick

For more shapely outer thighs, lie on the floor with your legs in the air. Scissor kick your legs back and forth for 15 minutes.


Windmill your waist into shape by standing with your legs apart and bending side to side with arms out-stretched.

Calf Raises

With legs together, lift up onto your toes to stretch and tone your calves. 20-25 calf raises can give them a good burn.


You really can get fit while having fun! Try cranking up the music and dancing around the room for a good, cardio exercise. You can burn a lot of calories by dancing for just 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

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