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F.I.T.T Method

Once you understand the F.I.T.T method It will help you create a workout plan that will be more effective for your fitness goals. If you didn’t know F.I.T.T stands for (Frequency~ Intensity~Time~and Type Of Exercise.) The F.I.T.T method Is the four elements you should adapt so you can reach your fitness goals with ease.

The First thing I want to talk about Is Frequency. The reason you want to start with Frequency Is that this determines how often you will exercise. For cardio: Depending on your goal, guidelines recommend moderate exercise five or more days a week or intense cardio three days a week to Improve your health. If you want to lose weight, you’ll want to work up to more frequent workouts, often up to six days a week for 40 minutes each session In the beginningFor strength training: The recommended frequency Is two to three non-consecutive days a week (at least one to two days between sessions). Your frequency, however, will often depend on the workouts you’re doing, because you want to work your muscles at least two times a week. If you do a split routine, like upper body one day and lower body the next, your workouts will be more frequent than total body workouts (But If total body workouts Are your thing then go for It. I am all about total body workouts I give myself 2 days a week for rest.)

Intensity: Intensity Is how hard you push yourself during your workout. When you are first starting out with exercise you want to go slow and slowly build your Intensity as you get used to working out. When doing Intensity workouts you want to do mix Intensity workouts. If you are looking for a workout to get It done and over with H.I.I.T (High-Intensity-Interval-Training.) This way you get your Intensity up but It’s mixed with light-Medium-and higher training and this helps to prevent Injury.

Time: This Is where most people say “I don’t have the time to workout”. I’ll be 100% honest there Is always time to workout If you make the time and priority. You set the time for how long you will dedicate to your workouts. So decided If you are going to work out for 5-10-15-or 30 minutes.  If Cardio Is your thing you should aim for 30-60 minutes.  There are different types of cardio and these types have different times you need to perform them so they can be effective.

Type: This Is self-explanatory. The type depends on what type of workouts you chose to do. Weight training, glutes, arms, back, or total body just to name a few. Just remember not to perform the same exercise back to back by doing so can cause overuse of that muscle group and that could lead to serious Injury.

Final Thoughts

By following the F.I.I.T method It should help you get Into better shape. Also, F.I.I.T will help you change up your workout routine more often so you don’t overuse muscles and you prevent Injury also It helps prevents boredom and weight loss plateaus. For example, walking three times a week for 30 minutes at a moderate pace might be a great place for a beginner to start.

 Your body becomes more efficient at exercise: The more you workout, the easier It’s to do the exercises, causing you to burn fewer calories than you did when you started. Weight loss: Your new workouts may assist weight loss which, of course, Is a good thing. The downside Is that you expend fewer calories moving that new, smaller body around. Boredom: Doing the same workout for weeks or months on end can get old, eating Into your motivation to exercise.
Changing the frequency~ by adding another day of walking
Changing the intensity ~by walking faster or adding some running Intervals
Changing the time spent walking each workout day
Changing the type~ of workout by swimming, cycling, or running.

Even just changing one of these elements can make a big difference In your workout and In how your body responds to exercise. It’s Important to change things up on a regular basis to keep your body healthy and your mind engaged.

If you need help In your fitness and nutrition journey don’t hesitate to reach out and I can help you with tips, tricks, and help answer any questions you may have.


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