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I know you’re here for the beauty and makeup reviews. Yes, I have TONS of new products that I got that I am currently reviewing as we speak. As much as I love beauty and getting all dolled up there is a side of me most people don’t know about me. I am Into fitness even though I slacked the last 2 years do due multiple Injuries (not from working out) I needed to rest my body. Over time I fell off the workout game and didn’t really care because besides Injuries other life stuff happened and I had to move.

Recently I decided I was going to start working out and I didn’t care If I had to workout In the hallway because my room Is too small. I don’t workout In the hallway I just move some things around and workout In my room with my dogs. January 2018 I started this glute program on my phone via an app called buttocks workout. I downloaded but didn’t start It I started this squat challenge. You do x100 a day for 30 days. There are rest days If you choose. I did this for 2 weeks and I actually saw a difference In my glutes.

I know what you’re thinking what does this have to do with getting back on track? In my mind doing the squat challenge Is easy and I’m easing my way back Into physical activity. When I first started working out I went balls to the wall the Shaun T Insanity. Yea It was Insanity. It was a love/hate relationship and I completed that program 2 1/2 times. I knew that this time around I didn’t want to do a program but I just wanted to do a series of moves on different days and one of the main goals this time around was to be consistent, build muscles and build booty muscles.

I did research and based on my knowledge I came up with a daily workout plan that works my whole body and even the booty area. This time around I learned a lot more about workouts and what workouts to do on each day and how many reps my body can do. My left booty cheek Isn’t as plump as my right side and that Is due to multiple Injuries on my left foot and knee. So I learned what exercise moves to do for the whole booty but also how many more reps I need on the left side for It to catch up.

I’m happy to say that my research has paid off and my left side Is catching up and my right side Is still getting plump. My point Is that we all have to start somewhere. We all start somewhere. If you have a crappy diet but want to workout go ahead and still workout. I get that buying food for fitness Is expensive and you might not be able to afford It. You will still see results just at a slower rate. But when you can afford that healthy food then you’ll see results faster and you are already ahead because you started.

I started and my diet was complete crap. I still saw results, I still saw those abs come In and I saw my booty getting thicker, and my thighs getting toner. Don’t always believe what you hear from professionals because some of It Is true but some of It Is complete crap. I’m the most real when It comes to health and nutrition and I don’t bullshit people. I have years of knowledge and I’m the most confident that based on the food I have and the money I’m working with I will see results and my hard work will pay off. Hell, It already Is.

Don’t feel discouraged If you fall off the workout game It happens. Just slowly start again even If It’s 5 minutes and you’ll be happy you did. I will be posting more Health, Nutrition, and exercise posts so I hope you’ll stick around. I will do those reviews once I have tested those products more and I feel that I can give an accurate and honest review of those products.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions on what you want to see next or what I could Improve on you can reach me here or on any of my social media sites.

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