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Gluten-Free Holiday (Easter)

Disclaimer: This post Is for my peeps who suffer from non-celiac gluten sensitivity. These are my opinions from what I have experienced In the past with my family and friends. I hope I gave you some good advice and If I missed anything sorry.

Easter Is tomorrow and for most people, It’s just another holiday for others like myself It can be a bit stressful. I have what you call non-celiac gluten sensitivity.  For any of us who can’t consume gluten telling our family members why we can’t eat something sometimes comes off a bit snobbish. We try to explain that It’s not that we don’t want to eat the food or the bake goods It’s just that we don’t want to get sick. Explaining why we brought our own food often comes off as the person who cooked Is a bad cook.

I remember when I first went vegan. I would bring my own food to family dinners or gatherings because I knew that there wouldn’t be any food for me to eat. Explaining why I went vegan was long and drawn out and on top that explaining why I brought my own food.

Today I’m going to talk about how to survive a Holiday Gluten-Free. In the last year, my family has been more accommodating. They now look at labels to see If there Is something In there that I can’t have not just looked to see If It’s gluten-free. There have been times In the past that I avoided certain situations because I didn’t feel like bringing my own food and then explaining why I brought It or not eating the food and explaining why I can’t eat the food and then I come off as a snob.

Here Is how to cope and feel good about going to a Holiday gathering and not being able to eat the food.

  1. Feeling Blue: It’s okay to feel blue. We live In a world where food Is a big part of our everyday lives and It becomes an even bigger part during the Holidays. When you go to a family dinner or a social gathering seeing a spread of delicious looking food and not being able to eat It and you feeling blue Is natural. I feel sad when I see donuts and I know I can’t eat them. I just buy expensive ass gluten-free donuts or I take my ass to the kitchen and I bake my own. If you don’t have to follow a strict gluten-free diet and you are just doing It for weight loss well go eat that gluten-filled donut.

2. I know In the past I would eat gluten-filled treats because I wanted that donut or that piece of cake. I paid for It days after I ate It. It’s not worth taking a chance and eating something that’s not gluten- free just because you don’t want to feel left out. Many people actually questioned me why I ate something that wasn’t gluten-free and my response would be ” I wanted to see what It tasted like”. By taking a bite of something my friends thought I was lying about having to be gluten-free. I rather not eat what somebody made than be called a lier just because I think being gluten-free Is cool.

Side Note: Yes I did go gluten free for fun In the past before I knew about my gluten sensitivity. It was part of the Rocco Dispirito Cook your butt off! And with that cookbook, you are 100% gluten-free. Some friends think that going gluten-free then might’ve caused my gluten sensitivity? Doctors think It was something that was always there just like my food allergies and now It’s when It decided to present Itself.

3.The one thing I did to make my life easier not during just the Holidays but In general Is that when asked why I’m gluten-free I simply explain why I can’t have any types of gluten. Educating friends and family Is easy and now they know why you have to be gluten-free. They can either learn how to cook gluten-free or they might not care to learn how to cook either way the Info Is out there and what they choose to do with It Is on them.

4. One of the biggest thing I did was beside learning how to cook gluten-free Is that I hosted all the Holiday gatherings. It was easy for me to host because I know the food I cook It according to how I have to eat and people still get to eat delicious food that Is gluten-free and most time they have no Idea that It was gluten-free. So yes If It’s possible to try hosting gatherings or parties so that way you know for sure that the food Is gluten-free.

5. And this Is the most Important Is just fucking enjoy yourself. If you have to bring your own food fuck It bring your own food. You are surrounded by friends and family and I’m sure one of them will understand your food needs. Bring your own food and show them that celiac and gluten-sensitivity Isn’t a bad thing. Show them that gluten-free food Is fucking delicious and sure enough someone will catch on and go gluten-free.

Overall going gluten-free Is the new “In” thing. Some people think going gluten-free Is great for your health and that you’re going to lose all of this weight. I’ll be honest since going 100% gluten-free I haven’t lost weight If anything I gained weight because gluten-free baked goods are fucking delicious.

I don’t know your friends and family life. I don’t know If they understand you and your gluten-free needs. I’m going to give you a simple piece of advice and that Is speak up. tell your friends and family why you can’t eat their food and that you have to bring your own food. I speak up and I don’t allow my family or friends make me second guess myself why I’m not eating their food. I use to feel bad not anymore. I say being gluten-free Is a part of me now and forever and It Is What It Is.

Again this Is just my opinion on how to survive any Holiday being gluten-free. I may have missed tons of Info my bad. Also, this post Is mostly geared towards my non-celiac gluten sensitivity peeps.

I hope you enjoy your Holidays and that may your belly be filled with tons of delicious gluten-free food.

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