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Ink Me Stamp Tattoo

I’ve spent the last few days trying out a bunch of new products I got from the Wet ‘n’ Wild Goth-O-Graphic line and CoverGirl and London Rimmel. I was very fortunate and I found the Goth-O-graphic In a Walgreens In Baltimore. It was slim pickings but I got what I wanted to try. So keep an eye out for the reviews.

Sorry for the blurry picture I tried to find the best lighting possible and no matter what lighting I used the picture shown was the best I could do.


I’ll be honest I’m not a huge fan of London Rimmel. It’s not that I don’t like their products It’s mainly when I go to the drugstore I have a different brand In mind. A few days ago I went to Baltimore.  On the way to lunch, I stopped at a Walgreens by the Inner Harbor just to look ( Being honest again I can’t just go to a drugstore and not spend some $$).  I was walking around Walgreens and at the front of the store, I saw what I have been looking for the Goth-O-Graphic line by Wet “n” Wild.

I got so excited that I was jumping up and down while holding a friends arm. I was jumping so high that I thought I was going to break her arm. I got something from that line that I’ve been wanting to try. I was walking towards the front to pay and my sister showed me something else I’ve been looking for but not really looking for and that was the ninth life lip gloss by Katy Perry and CoverGirl. The one I was looking for came with red glitter that you can put on your lips.

By that display was the London Rimmel display and I saw the Ink me Stamp Tattoo. I thought It would be cool to get It and just put random stamps on my body.  I picked up Black Moon and finally headed to the checkout. In the car, on the way home I did try some of the Goth-O-Graphic products but not enough to give a full review. In today’s post, I’m going to give my short and brief review of the London Rimmel Ink Me Stamp Tattoo.


The next day I was excited to try the different ways I could use this product. I only ended up putting a few stamps on my ring finger since I wash my hands a lot I wanted to see how well It would hold up.


The above picture Is my ring finger with the black moon stamp. If you look at my nail there are black specks. I put the stamp on my finger and It didn’t last that long. I don’t recommend doing that. I even tried adding a top coat and It still didn’t last that long.

During the day I did cleaning, washed my hands (a lot), gave my dogs a bath and put away laundry and It held up well. I tried finding other reviews on this product but could only find reviews on Ink Me Eye and body liner. When I washed my hands In cold water It didn’t rub off. When I tested and washed my hands In lukewarm to hot water It smeared some but didn’t rub off.

It took a good a good scrubbing before bed to get the Ink off of my finger.

My sister put a stamp on the corner of her eye. She fell asleep and woke up and It was still there It didn’t smear at all.

Overall I say It’s a buy. It’s fun to add some shapes to your face, hands or fingers. For some people, It might be more of a weekend or Halloween type thing and I understand. For me, I like to live outside the box and I will be wearing the moon stamp a lot. Also since my sister and I are thinking about getting matching finger tattoos this Is the perfect test to see If I’m going to like It or not.

Here are my final thoughts. I bought this for $7.99 In Baltimore. I think It’s worth It. It’s fun and It gives me an Illusion of having a tattoo without the long-term commitment.

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~All of the products mentioned In the post I paid with my own money, all opinions are my own and there aren’t any affiliate links.

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