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Keto Soda

I understand that if you are reading this that you are either looking for a “healthier” alternative to regular or diet soda or you are on keto and you are looking for a keto friendly soda that you can enjoy without all the junk. Since you are here, let me tell you that you are in the right place. I tried to quit soda so many times, but I would be miserable, headachey and awful towards anyone unfortunate enough to be around me. Eventually, I would break down and I would go back into my old habits. I don’t even want to think of the problems future me is going to have because of daily aspartame ingestion.


This brings me to Zevia Soda. I’ve heard people drinking Zevia and not even missing the stuff that they used to. Zevia has a huge selection of beverages. With over 14 different flavors of soda to choose from and Whole Foods even carries sparkling cider. In other grocery and health food stores, you can find sparkling water, probiotic drinks by the brand LIVE that are flavored like your favorite sodas (may I recommend the root beer flavor it’s delicious) mixes (non-alcoholic) and energy drinks so there is something for everyone for almost every occasion.

LIVE Kombucha Soda-344x344

Regular sodas are not healthy

I used to drink regular soda every day, or very often. I always had it in the house. Over the years, I just couldn’t bare the sweetness and the taste anymore and have learned the effects of drinking regular soda on my health. Providing empty calories, soda’s are a big no-no in the health world. Diet sodas are considered “unsafe” too , because of all the artificial sweeteners and flavors, and dye’s that go into them. They contain no nutrients for your body.


Naturally Sweetened

Now Stevia, Monk Fruit, and Erythritol have been used in more and more products and have been proven to not spike blood sugar and have a low glycemic index, or a glycemic index of 0. These sweeteners are found naturally and they are great for the keto diet because it doesn’t affect your blood sugar and we don’t actually digest it. Because of this, all of these natural sweeteners are safe for keto dieters.

Zevia is a brand that is well known in the keto world and a lot of people drink it. This cola soda is pretty straight forward. I would say it’s less carbonated for a soda and goes flat more easily and drinking it at room temp is not ideal. It is sweetened with only stevia, hint the name, and I think there is a slight aftertaste. It has 0 calories and 0 carbs. With no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, it is also verified Non-GMO. Zevia is around $4.99 for a 6-pack in stores. I found mine at my local grocery stores or my local health food store and Whole Foods. Zevia has A LOT of other flavors so if cola doesn’t suit you try another one of their flavors.



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