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Lose That Muffin Top

Today I am going to talk about how to lose that stubborn muffin top. Everybody loves a good muffin…unless It ends up around their middle. Having extra belly fat can be frustrating and hard to change. It’s so overwhelming to sort through the conflicting Information out there about detoxes, fad “Diets”, and ab exercises that promise to give you a flat stomach by Sunday. We’ll help you bust some of those belly fat myths, explore what causes muffin top fat In the first place, and give you a comprehensive plan to get rid of belly fat for good…Including a workout that will blast fat using HIIT-style exercise.

The Muffin Top Is one of the most stubborn places on the body to banish fat, The DREADED muffin top, Is a common complaint for most women ( It’s okay to admit It), although men can suffer from It as well (they call It “beer gut”). The good news Is, with the right “DIET” and proper exercises, the muffin top can go faster than you think! First of all, let’s talk about what a “muffin top” (aka belly fat) Is.

What Causes Muffin Tops?


If you’re carrying a little extra fat all over, some of It will logically be carried around your waistline. But the truth Is, where your body naturally tends to store the most fat Is mostly due to genetics. If your grandmother and mother were traditionally more pear-shaped for example, you’re likely to be shaped that way too. But don’t use your genetics as an excuse to feel defeated. If you have excess belly fat, you can start by losing fat all over and then toning your abs. But I’ll talk about that In a bit.

Poor Diet

Have you ever heard the phrase “flat abs are made In the kitchen?” It’s true! Consuming a lot of sugary sodas, high-sodium foods, and artificial Ingredients will naturally lead to belly bloat. Different foods also trigger bloating In different people; keep a food log for a week to write down what you ate for each meal and how your stomach feels afterward.


Some studies show that chronic stress can lead to an Increase In visceral fat because when your body is flooded with cortisol (the stress hormone), it sends a signal to hold on to visceral fat for survival. (Visceral fat Is stored within your abdominal cavity, meaning it appears as belly fat.) Not only does chronic stress contribute to belly fat by storing excess visceral fat, but being stressed can naturally make you reach for more salty and sugary snacks as a coping mechanism. To Improve your health (and your waistline), stress management Is just as Important as anything else.


If you’re entering perimenopause or menopause and finding you have more fat around your middle, it could be a change in hormones. If you are estrogen dominant (even If you have both low estrogen and low progesterone) you can store more belly fat than you want.

Solutions To Rid A Muffin Top

The first thing I’m going to mention that will help you rid that dreaded muffin top Is something I’ve talked about over and over again and that Is Clean Eating. You’ve probably heard this phrase by now, but If you haven’t, listen loud and clear: You can’t work off a bad “Diet”. People are eating and consuming more excess sugar and carbs…not physical Inactivity….are primarily to blame for the growing obesity epidemic. No matter how much you move, eating poorly works against you and It will win every time. Excess calories, especially those In the form of sugar and unhealthy fats, end up as fat on your body and that Includes your belly.

Eating clean doesn’t mean starving yourself! The key Is to choose the yummy healthy, whole foods. Clean eating Includes lots of vegetables, fruit, lean protein and healthy fats. The choices are wide open! Walk the perimeter of your local grocer (I did a post about walking the perimeter of the grocery store as a beginner If you are Interested In a reading It  Click Here or visit a farmers market just to see your options. If you’re not sure how to start, Here Is another post I did about how to clean eat as a beginner If you are Interested In reading It you can read It Here The important thing Is to eat sensibly-portioned meals several times a day that are made up of vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Strength Train

Long durations of low-Intensity cardio might help you lose a little weight but a significant amount of that weight will be muscle. That’s not good. Muscle is active tissue that helps you burn calories. You want it. The reason for this Is because of something called your Basal Metabolic Rate, which Is the number of calories your body burns at rest. As you Increase lean muscle on your body, you also Increase your Basal Metabolic Rate. That means a higher metabolism. Win! So get some strength training In at least twice a week In addition to the cardio that you do.

Cardio Intervals

That low-intensity cardio I discussed Is great once or twice a week, but a far more efficient use of your time Is to try out High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. This Is a form of cardio that has you work as hard as you can for short periods of time (20-30 seconds) with short periods of rest In between. HIIT training, or similar styles like Tabata Intervals, are more efficient at burning calories and keep your metabolism elevated long AFTER you are done exercising. So calories will continue to burn even as you move throughout the next part of your day.

Train Your Core The Right Way

Eliminating the fat around your mid-section with better eating and proper exercise Is crucial. The next step to achieving a flatter belly Is to work on strengthening your Transverse Abdominus (“TVA”). (The transverse abdominal, so called for the direction of its fibers, is the innermost of the flat muscles of the abdomen, being placed immediately beneath the internal oblique muscle.)This is the muscle that sits deep and low in your belly. By taking time to strengthen this muscle properly, you create a built-in corset that will pull your tummy in, protect your low back and promote better posture—something that will also make you look leaner. Exercise methods such as Pilates are excellent for learning how to make this muscle rock solid. Try a Pilates class or one of our GHU TV guided Pilates workouts.

But If an entire session Isn’t for you, simply learn some of the exercises and tack them on to the end of your cardio or strength workouts. Another tried and true way to strengthen your core Is to become familiar with a plank! There are dozens of plank variations you can learn. They are all good. They are all valuable. Planks work.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all the tips and tricks to getting rid of that muffin top: eating right, strength training, cardio, and using moves specifically designed to target your core. Use muffin top melter workouts to sculpt your core as you burn off belly fat and work towards a healthier you. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me and I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank You!

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