Makeup Tips for Beginners

This post Is a bit different than my normal recipe post. I decided that I will be adding beauty blogs to the mix. If you like this post and want more tips and tricks for beginning make up or if you have any questions, please comment below and I will try and answer the best to my ability.

Recently In the last few months, I started to wear more makeup. In the past, I never really wore makeup besides some under eye concealer, Lip Stick, and my daily moisturizer.

I always wanted to wear makeup like my sister does. She rocks It so effortlessly. Back In the past, I just didn’t have the confidence. Times are changing and I decided to wear makeup.

I’m going to give you some tips on how to buy makeup as a beginner, What you should have In your makeup kit and how to save some $$$$ while shopping for makeup. Here Is a small list of what you should have In your makeup kit.

Yes, these are the Items I have and use when I wear makeup. later I’ll do another post of all the Items I have On my makeup shelf.

~Moisturizer with SPF
~ Mascara
~Eyelid Primer ( Optional)
~Setting Spray/Powder
~Eyebrow product
~ Lipstick/gloss
~Lip scrub
~Brushes/ beauty blend/sponge

1) You don’t need to go high end. I don’t have high-end makeup. I have all drugstore brands and they are some of the best.

2) Buy things that have multiple uses. I invested In Wet n Wild brushes they are cheap, ok quality and are cruelty-free. If you are cruelty-free than Wet n Wild Is really good. Also, you can invest In one brush that Is called a universal brush or multi-purpose brush.

3) Setting spray Is Super Important for your makeup to stay on all day. I use Elf Mist and Set. It gives me a dewy look plus It sets my makeup and It’s only $3.99. It does last for the most part, but It’s not an all-day set and spray.

4) Eye Primer. I don’t normally use an eye primer unless If I’m wearing a sparkly or glittery eyeshadow. I currently am using just the regular eyelid primer It’s $2 and It’s great. The best part Is Elf offers a total of 6 different eyelid primers so all of your eye needs are covered.

5) Beauty Blender. I don’t normally use a beauty blender. I had In the past and It just wasn’t my thing. If using a beauty blender Is your thing than the drugstores offer some really good dupes for way cheaper. The one I used I got from Target for $5.99.

6) Foundation. I got the Maybelline age rewind from Walgreens for $11.99. Honestly, It Is one of the best foundations I have ever used.

7) The concealer I use Is Rimmel match perfection. I got mine at Walmart for $1. It was a crazy makeup sale that Walmart was having. Retail price Is $6.29 from Walgreens.

8) The bronzer I got mine during that Walmart makeup sale for $1 I got mine In medium/dark.

9) Setting Powder. ELF Is again a really good brand and reasonably priced. I got my setting powder from Walmart for $6.00.

10) Mascara. I use Physicians Formula. They run around $10 for each. I didn’t pay for them. I was kindly given them for free.

11) Eyeshadow I was given mine for free. But I would recommend a versatile eyeshadow palette that you can do many looks with.

12) Eyeliner. NYX Is a good, cheap and reliable brand. I got my eyeliner from Target for $6.99. I got the thin tip eyeliner pen since I’m a beginner eyeliner wearer.

13) Eyebrow product depends on you. If you like natural brows great. I use Brow Shake by Rimmel London. I got mine at Walmart for $3.99. It’s very longer wear and a little goes a long way.

14) Lip Scrub. Again, I can’t mention this company enough. ELF lip Exfoliator Is great. It runs around $3 depending on where you buy it.

15) Lipstick/gloss. I don’t wear lip gloss, but 99% of my lipsticks came from Walmart by the brand called Hard Candy. They have a wide range of colors and each will run you $5.00

16) Finally Brushes. All of my brushes are Wet n Wild. Each brush ranges from .99 to $3.99. Great for beginners that want to learn on not so expensive brushes and still get a flawless look. I almost forgot to mention brush cleaner. I clean my brushes after every use. It’s going on my face so I don’t play around. Again ELF makes a decent brush cleaner. It cleans my brushes and It leaves them smelling fresh. It runs $2.99.

These are some of the things you should have In your makeup kit. Honestly, each persons makeup kit Is different. These are the Items I think each newbie should have. I also believe my search for makeup that It shouldn’t cost a lot of money.

Disclaimer. These are my honest opinions on each product.

In the next post, I may talk about what Is In my makeup kit or It may be a vegan clear pumpkin pie recipe or a chickpea “cookie” dough recipe. Either way, keep an eye out for the next post.

Like always If you have any questions or suggestions on what you want to see more of please feel free to comment below and let me know what you want to read next.

Until next time Happy Reading


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