There’s no need to stress about drinking matcha daily if you haven’t mastered the technique of eating and cooking simple. Other than one-pot wonders, the next step to easy eating is meal planning or batch cooking. You may have heard of the trend “meal-prep Sunday.” Nowadays everyone — no matter what “Diet” they’re trying — seems to be doing it. The question is: To make your “Diet” work, do you really need to meal prep?

Only you can answer that

But if you want to save yourself hours a week from cooking and running to the grocery store to pick up those last-minute items you forgot, dining out, or skipping meals (to eat only snacks on the go we’ve all been there), then the answer is yes. Setting up a system for meal planning may be the solution you need to stay on track. If you want to learn some tips and tricks about meal prepping then keep on reading.

 Have A Set Of Simple Go-To Recipes


This one is pretty simple. By having a set of go-to recipes that you love can make meal planning much easier, especially on the weeks you’re feeling uninspired. The key is to not let the process exhaust you, otherwise it’ll be too easy to fall off the bandwagon!