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Meditation Tips

Today I’m going to discuss some meditation tips to help get you started. These aren’t going to make you an expert overnight that comes with a lot of practice and patience. If you are Interested In learning meditation from a not so expert but knows what she’s talking about then, please keep reading.

I mentioned In some of my other posts that I was learning meditation. Recently I’ve been back on a spiritual path and while that Is making me feel like myself again I still felt like I was missing something. My emotional path has been a struggle for the last 9 years because of being In a not so happy “relationship” now being back on a spiritual path emotionally and physically I’ve felt more at peace.

Real quick. I haven’t been happy with my body for a long time and I always felt like I need to look a certain way for men to want to date me. I’m sure other women felt the same way. Since being newly single I started yoga you can call me a beginner yogi. During that time I felt something Inside me that I never felt and that was peace. Peace with how my body looks. Yes, I work out but I do It for myself. You know what people say when New Year’s Eve rolls around “New Year New Me”. Well Instead of that It’s new single me.

I decided that I was going to start meditating again. When I use to meditate back In the day I was meditating for 1-2 hours every morning and night. Since I’m new to this again because the ex-didn’t believe In spirituality or meditating or even Buddha and that’s fine everyone Is Intitled to their own opinions. So since I’ve been out of the game for 9 years I want to start off with a time that I know I can do. So I started off with 5 minutes.

I know that for someone who’s been meditating for years 5 minutes seems like seconds. The reason why I wanted to start off with 5 minutes because I remember when I use to meditate In the past I started off with 5 minutes and I felt relaxed and calm and was easily able to fall asleep with little to no trouble.

Now I’m going to discuss some meditation tips. These tips weren’t really around when I started meditating.

1.Start with 5 minutes. I know this might seem easy. Let me tell you 5 minutes does seem like an eternity when you are within your own mind. I did 5 minutes a night for 2 weeks straight. Once you have no problem with meditating for 5 minutes Increase It by another 5 minutes and If you can’t do 10 minutes you can always add 1 minute every 2 weeks.

2.Most recommend meditating first thing In the morning. It’s the best way to start off your morning. I meditate at night because I sleep through the morning. In my opinion, as long as you set time aside to meditate than It shouldn’t matter when you do It as long as you do It.

3.Just Do It. If you google how to meditate some blogs will tell you to sit outside, with a mat and some crystals. Honestly, It doesn’t where you do It as long as you do It. I sit on my bed with my legs crossed, I turn off my light and I close my eyes and I breathe to be In the moment. I close my eyes and I just release all the negative thoughts I had or may have and I think of positive things that make me happy or goals I want to accomplish.

4.Your feelings are normal. If you are feeling depressed, sad, anxious or even angry those are natural feelings. While you are In a meditating session close your eyes and think to yourself why you are feeling those feelings? With every breath just release any tension and negative thoughts you may have.

5.Your mind will wander. When you are In the moment of meditating and you start to release negative thoughts and stress your mind might start to wander. When your mind starts to wander let It as long as you aren’t thinking of negative thoughts then letting your mind wander when you are starting out Is perfectly fine.

6. You’ll notice things. I remember when I was In high school I had to do this report where I sit In a quiet place for an hour and during that hour I have to write down what I hear. When you are actually listening to the world around you-you begin to hear things that you may not have had paid attention to before. You might freak yourself out and I would say that Is normal but I’m not sure If It Is or not. I know when I first started meditating I freaked myself out because I actually opened my ears and heard the world around me. Now meditating In my room at night I have my window open since the weather Is getting nicer so not only do I hear the world outside I hear the “house” noises.

7.Be Serious. Meditation takes practice. If you want to achieve a certain level then you need to be consistent. Try to commit yourself for 2 weeks. If you make It to two weeks then try adding another week and so forth. If you are trying to achieve a higher In meditating than you need to be consistent.

8.You can do It anywhere. You don’t have to have a specific place In your home to meditate. Some do because they take that part of their home and they make It Into a spiritual corner of their home. I meditate In my room because that is where I feel the safest and the calmest. But you do you. If you feel comfortable meditating outside, In the car (as long as you aren’t driving), Train If you take the train. The point Is meditate when you have the time and If you aren’t home and you feel like you need that meditating session then you do what you gotta do.

9.Keep a Journal. I don’t personally do It but some keep a journal and when they are done meditating that person will write down their thoughts and how they felt while they were In the moment. If you keep a journal do It. You don’t have to do It.

10. Find a community. Find a community or groups that also meditate. In the groups, they will meet up sometimes daily, weekly, only on the weekends, and monthly. You can look on facebook or google or even the app called meet up. The meetup app once you sign up you choose what activities you are Interested In and they show you when the next meet up Is for that activity. There are groups for beginner meditating and experienced. Just google and find a group that suits you.

Whatever your reasonings are for wanting to meditate just have fun with the journey. You’ll feel so many different emotions In the beginning and just go with the flow of them as long as you don’t act upon negative emotions. Remember there Is no right or wrong way to meditate and If you feel like you’re doing It wrong stick with It and that feeling will change.

Here are some links to some of my current favorite things

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