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Natural Sweeteners

I’ll be honest I try to limit artificial sweeteners as much as possible. When doing Keto you kinda have to rely on artificial sweeteners when you are baking. In my humble opinion, I think our bodies are much better off If we used more “real” Sweeteners. Today I will discuss a few Natural Sweeteners.


honey-823614_1280Honey: If I buy honey I buy local raw honey from local farmers. This supports your local beekeepers and I am all about supporting local farmers as much as I can.

Date Sugar

Date Sugar: You can buy It from your local natural food store or you can make your own by baking whole dates. Dates are good for natural sweeteners In baking recipes. I use Dates when I make my homemade almond milk. And I use dates when I am “baking” a raw vegan recipe. 


stevia-74187_1280When you reach for Stevia make sure there are no other Ingredients added. You are looking for 100% Steviol Glycosides. My favorite Is SweetLeaf Stevia.

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar: You can buy It In liquid form called coconut nectar. If you suffer from Insulin resistance or If you suffer from Diabetes this Is a good option because Coconut nectar has a Low Glycemic Index. (Always consult your doctor with any questions you may have.)

Maple Syrup

maple-2232088_1280Maple Syrup: Maple Syrup Is packed with antioxidants and has a GI read of 50. If you want to reach for Maple Syrup always go for Pure Canadian


Molasses: It comes In liquid form. Molasses Is good for when you are baking Pies like Pecan Pie or Shoo Fly Pie.

And one of my all-time favorites Is monk fruit sweetener. It Is a bit pricey for what you get but trust me a little goes a long way. When looking for monk fruit look for a high % of mongrosides (A mogroside is a chemical compound, and constitutes a glycoside of cucurbitane derivatives. They are found in certain plants, such as the fruit of the gourd vine luo han guo (Siraitia grosvenorii) 

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