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Set Back

Yesterday (Saturday the 17th) I had planned on working out. The night before I had some pretzels that had some soy that I didn’t know about. I woke up Saturday morning with a swollen face, cheeks, and red rashes all over my face.  Look at the picture for reference. I tried to get a good picture but this Is the best I could do. The picture doesn’t show how bad It actually Is.

20180317_215555So I had planned to train abs and back. I found some workouts that I could do that uses resistance bands. I’m trying to do more resistance band training. So I was determined to accomplish my what should take me 30-minute workout. I got 10 minutes In and I couldn’t go any longer.

I felt upset because I’ve worked out for the last 14 days with either Sunday or Monday as a rest day.  My sister told me It’s okay not to workout because I need rest since my body needed rest. I did feel discouraged because I know how I work I need to be In a routine and If something throws me off my routine I get upset and I think I’m going to fail.

I told myself that the next day today Sunday, March 18th I will do my workout from yesterday today. Well, that didn’t happen again because I once again ended up having an allergic reaction to the smell of shrimp. I’m highly allergic to shrimp eating It, smelling It and touching It. A person In my house was cooking shrimp didn’t let me know and my face broke out In serious hives and I got dizzy and a headache. I went to lay down and once again didn’t work out.

Later today I 12 minutes of beginner yoga. There Is this app that I downloaded called Down Dog. There are different levels of yoga depending on your experience level. I never did yoga always wanted to and finally decided that I would do at least a little something. I started the 3-day Intro to Yoga. Basically, you just learn some moves and you learn a little about yoga. The app Is free I have It for Android I’m sure you can get It for apple.

I did day 1 of the Intro to Yoga and let me tell you I broke a serious sweat. My body stretched It popped In places that have been causing me problems. My neck and shoulder on my right side Is always tense and tight (from previous Injuries) and doing Yoga tonight stretched It out and I feel better already.

I always thought In order to feel like you go a good burn In Is that you need to workout doing some serious movements and It felt good going at a slow pace and I still got a decent burn In. I didn’t track my macros today because just like yesterday I listened to my body. If I wanted a snack I ate a snack. I didn’t go overboard because usually when I have an allergy (food) attack I’m usually not that hungry. Sometimes I have a delayed reaction and I eat normally then I feel like shit the next.

Today I started the day with my protein coffee (recipe will be posted soon), a shot of apple cider vinegar, a B12 shot, and a gut shot. It sounds like a lot and It might be a lot but I try to do things as naturally as possible I’m not Into taking pills. I use to take a vegan multivitamin until I found out It has Broccoli and Broccoli Is an allergy.

Anyways today I ate what my body wanted. I did have my protein coffee because…routine. I didn’t eat junk (….). I did have a nice salad for dinner and for lunch I skipped lunch because….life…

Tomorrow Is Monday the 19th and I’m calling It a rest day. I might do some stretches when I wake up In the morning okay you got me afternoon but that will probably be It. I will be doing a lot of walking so that will be my exercise for tomorrow. I will hopefully stay on track with my eating but hey I’m going out so I’m going to have fun.

Even though I technically haven’t worked out In 2 days I still feel good. I’m a bit bloated but that could be from the food allergies. hopefully Tuesday I’ll be able to get some type of workout In even If It’s just yoga. I’m mentally trying to give my body the proper rest It needs but It’s hard because usually when I stop working out It’s because life happened and I got lazy this time I’m really trying and I feel like I’m not meant to workout If that makes any sense? I’m going to do have I have to do keep stay on track even on those days that aren’t technically “rest days” but days that are unplanned rest days.

That’s It for today’s post I hope you enjoyed reading It?

Here Is a link to Down Dog Yoga app that I mentioned

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