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The Slow-Carb “Diet” first came about In 2010 by the creator of the 4-hour body and the 4-hour work week Timothy Ferriss. Ferriss claims that It’s effective for rapid weight loss and suggests that It Is possible to lose body fat by optimizing any of these three factors: “Diet”, exercise or your supplement regimen. The Slow-Carb “Diet” Is kinda like the Ketogenic “Diet” In the terms that The Slow-Carb “Diet” Is based on very low carb Intake.

The Slow-Carb plan has five fundamental rules that dictate the whole thing. In general, It Involves consuming a limited list of foods for six consecutive days, with one “cheat” day once a week.

What Is The Slow-Carb “Diet”?

There are five rules that you need to follow for this “Diet” to work. This concept Is defined as the smallest dose that will produce the desired outcome. In other words, It’s about getting maximum results by doing the minimum amount of work. Therefore, this “Diet” focuses on following a handful of guidelines that promise to help the body maximize Its ability to burn fat and lose weight.

During “Diet” Days: While you are following the “Diet”, you can only eat from a list of allowed foods for six consecutive days. Then, you have one day per week when you can eat anything you want… Yes, you read that right you can EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT for that one day only!  During the “Diet” days, you should limit yourself to three to four meals per day and avoid consuming anything that Is refined carbs, fruits or high-calorie drinks.

Slow-Carb Days: The Slow-Carb “Diet” only Incorporates five main food groups: animal protein, vegetables, legumes, fats, and spices. Each meal consists of as much as you want of the first three food groups, plus small amounts of the last two. Additionally, the plan suggests taking dietary supplements to help enhance the weight loss process. However, this It’s NOT MANDATORY! I DON’T RECOMMEND TAKING SUPPLEMENTS!

Like The Ketogenic “Diet”, The Slow-Carb “Diet” seems to be based on the premise that eating a lot of protein and very few carbs could aid weight loss by increasing the breakdown of fat for energy, increasing feelings of fullness and reducing fat stores.

I mentioned that The Slow-Carb “Diet” follows some rules. These rules are pretty simple and straightforward.


1.) No White Carbs: White Carbs are processed carbs that are made from refined flour, Including pasta, bread, and cereals. (potatoes… bread/pasta… rice.. dairy, Including yogurt, cheese, and sugar.) 

Now you are allowed to eat these foods I mentioned above If you are looking to Increase strength. The book suggests that you can consume these foods 30 minutes after an Intense training session. The book also suggests that If you are looking to lose weight that you should avoid these foods on the “Diet” days. Read above (During “Diet” Days.)  You have a list of Proteins you can choose from

Protein: ~Egg whites with 1-2 whole eggs for flavor~ chicken breast or ~thigh~ Black beans ~Beef ~Pork Fish

There are a select few legumes you can have. In a certain type of “low-carb” “Diets” Is that legumes aren’t allowed. These mentioned legumes are allowed.

Legumes: ~Lentils ~Pinto Beans~ Red Beans ~ and ~ Soy Beans

Fats: ~Butter ~Olive Oil ~ Grapeseed or Macadamia oil ~ Nuts (Almonds) ~ Ghee~ Vegan creamer 1-2 Tablespoons per (5-10 mil) a day.

Spices: ~Salt ~ Garlic Salt ~ White Truffle Sea Salt ~ Herbs (all are ok)

Who doesn’t love vegetables? These are the approved vegetables you can have every day.~Spinach ~Mixed vegetables( fresh or frozen) (including cruciferous veggies)~ Sauerkraut, ~kimchee~ Asparagus ~Peas ~Broccoli ~Green beans

Besides the approves list of foods you can eat. And yes those foods mentioned above are the only foods you can eat while on this “Diet” The recommended amount of protein per day Is 30g within 30 minutes of waking up… say what! Dedicating one full day as “cheat day,” and keep snacking to a minimum (even If It’s a food that’s ok to eat).

DO NOT Drink Your Calories

This “Diet” recommends drinking plenty of water throughout the day (you should be doing that anyway.) Other suggested drinks Include unsweetened tea, coffee or any other calorie-free beverage. If you love your Starbucks like I do I recommend cold brew with 6 packets of stevia (It’s all calorie-free) The basis of this Is that most beverages (other than water) provide little to no nutritional value. Therefore, the “Diet” suggests that you only obtain your calories from nutritious foods, not drinks. If It’s a “cheat” day than go for your calorie drink… Or maybe you might learn how to drink your favorite coffee drink and learn how to make It “almost” calorie version.

No Fruit Allowed

Fruits are a part of a healthy balanced “Diet” the slow-carb diet suggests that fruits are not helpful when you’re trying to lose weight. This Is based on the fact that fructose, the sugar In fruits, could delay the weight loss process by Increasing blood fat levels and decreasing fat-burning capacity. Again If It’s a “cheat” day then go ahead and enjoy a piece of fruit or two.

Cheat Day

The Slow-Carb “Diet” allows you to choose one day per week when you can eat anything you want. On this day, you do not have to follow any of the other rules. As such, this eat-anything day Is meant for you to Indulge In any food and beverages you might be craving without fear of gaining all the weight back. So go and get yourself that cake or that 200 calorie coffee. DO YOU! and you can DO YOU without guilt.

Additionally, the Idea Is that shifting away from a strict plan for a day, during which you can eat as much as you want of any food, may help prevent your metabolic rate from slowing. This Is a side effect that can result from prolonged caloric restriction. On this day, you are not supposed to count calories or worry about what you eat, Including alcoholic beverages. Interestingly, there Is evidence that cheat days or “refeeds” may benefit weight loss.

Refeed: refers to a short period during which caloric intake is higher than usual. Some evidence shows that refeeds could stimulate metabolic rate and increase blood levels of the hormone leptin, which may reduce hunger. What, It seems that eating more carbs during refeeds could further boost leptin levels. In fact, a study showed that a three-day carbohydrate overfeeding could increase leptin concentrations by 28% and energy expenditure by 7%. The slow-carb cheat day Is used for Its psychological benefits, as well as Its Influence on hormonal changes that can continue to promote weight loss.

So far I mentioned foods that you can eat. And these are the foods that you can ONLY eat during your “Diet” days. It’s suggested that you find recipes with the approved foods so that way you won’t get bored.

Now Let’s talk about the foods you CAN NOT EAT! These are the foods that are 100% off limits. The only time you can have the no-no foods Is on your free day.

Off Limit Food

  1. Fruits: Fruits are not allowed.. Fruits contain fructose, a simple sugar that can Increase blood fat levels, according to The Slow-Carb “Diet“. Additionally, the “Diet” suggests that fructose can enhance the absorption of Iron In humans and decrease the levels of other minerals like copper. This also means NO fruit juices or smoothies that contain fruit.
  2. No Dairy:  The “Diet” explains that even though dairy products have a low Glycemic Index, they cause your Insulin levels to rise, which seems to be detrimental to weight loss. The “Diet” says the spike In Insulin caused by dairy Is comparable to that of white bread. For this reason, the plan states that It Is best to avoid dairy during the diet days. Cottage cheese Is allowed on The Slow-Carb “Diet”.
  3. Sorry No Fried Foods Either: Obviously fried Is’nt part of any healthy-balanced diet. The only time you can Indulge In fried foods Is If It’s a “cheat” day. Unfortunately, with The Slow-Carb “Diet” fried food Isn’t allowed AT ALL because fried foods are mainly cooked In bread crumbs and bread crumbs aren’t allowed on the “Diet”.  Fried Foods are high In calories and provide little to no nutritional value. 

Final Thoughts

  • Eat your veggies: Fill up with allowed vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and asparagus.
  • Eat healthy fats: The “Diet” recommends Increasing the fat In your diet by consuming healthy fats. This may help prevent Increases in blood sugar levels.
  • Small amounts of diet soft drinks are ok: While high-calorie beverages are not recommended, the “Diet” allows you to drink no more than 16 ounces (450 ml) of diet soda per day.
  • Red wine is ok: The “Diet” allows you to drink up to two glasses of red wine per day during “Diet” days, preferably dry types.
  • Drink what you want on cheat day: You may drink any kind and amount of alcoholic beverages on your cheat day.
  • Frozen or canned foods are ok: Foods preserved using either method are allowed.
  • Meat not required: If you are ovo-lacto vegetarian, you can still follow the “Diet”. Although meat Is highly recommended, It Is not required!

In general, this “Diet” seems easy to follow for those looking to lose weight and eat cleaner, as It recommends only a limited amount of foods and easy-to-prepare meals. Additionally, the practical techniques In this “Diet” have been shown to promote weight loss, enhance fat burning and Increase satiety.  The main downside to the “Diet” Is that It limits two very nutrient-rich food groups — fruits and dairy. For that reason, It might not suit people with high nutritional demands, such as athletes. All In all, The Slow-Carb “Diet” does not seem to produce significant side effects. Therefore, If you think you can stick to the plan long-term, this “Diet” may be a simple way to shed some pounds.

Thank You!

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2018-06-06 at 7:27 pm

You lost me at no fruit!! Lol. I need fruit. It’s like a sweet treat! I did a week with no fruit during my 80 Day Obsession Peak Week and I thought I was going to go insane. I felt like my food was bland. Fruit would make it so much better! Thanks for sharing!

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