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Disclaimer: These are my opinions and my thoughts on Spirituality. I’m not saying I am right or wrong. I am just a person expressing these thoughts that have been on my mind recently. You can disagree with me all you want and that’s fine you’re allowed to If you comment please try to keep the negativity to a minimum. Thank You.

Are you a spiritual person? I’ve had this discussion with a few friends over the last year that being spiritual and religious are the same thing and I always disagree with that.

You go to church every Sunday and you pray does that make you a spiritual person? my answer to that would be no. Someone might argue with me that It does make you spiritual.

Does practicing yoga and meditating make you spiritual? A part of me says yes and no.

You might do things that you are think making you a spiritual person but are they and the answer probably Is no.

What does make a person spiritual? Being spiritual Is loving yourself, the planet, and the animals with the highest priority.

You go to church every day and you pray every morning and night. If you don’t love yourself and you’re still judgemental how can you love and accept God into your life? Just because you go to church doesn’t make you a good person.

There are many people who don’t practice any one religion and still care about themselves and others. They take their thoughts and they think about how they can help people. It doesn’t make them spiritual It makes them a good person their heart Is In the right place.

When I was younger I went to church. I come from an Italian family so we went to church every Sunday and then did the Sunday meal we went every holiday and that does Include Christmas. If we couldn’t make It to church we would watch It on TV and when my grandmother got ILL and eventually passed we would just say a prayer In the morning and then again In the evening. As a child, I did what I was told and that was that. When I got older I was told that I’m old enough to learn about other religions and If I wanted to change religions I could. I never changed religions I just called myself an Un-practicing Catholic but then again I was never baptized In that religion so that’s why I said un-practicing If I was ever was asked what religion I was.

At one point I was studying Buddhism because It was something that Interested me. I’ll give a brief rundown on Buddhism. You can go to retreats that you go with other men/women to study Buddhism and you learn from Buddhist that have been studying their entire life. I was studying alone so I got all the books from the library I could so I could study. I learned how to meditate and find my peace zone. The main thing I had to do was change my diet because we all know (If you don’t know you will now) that Buddha was vegetarian and that there where a list of meats the monks weren’t allowed to eat.

I didn’t change my diet because I didn’t have the money back then and I thought that going vegetarian was expensive If I knew then what I know now, of course, I would’ve gone vegetarian sooner. The books you’ll read about Buddhism will seem difficult to understand and you’ll just ask yourself question after question. It said If you want good health you need to eat a well-balanced diet. In Buddhism, everything you do must be genuine and complete. Don’t buy something If It doesn’t feel right to you don’t buy a house because the realtor makes you feel pressured Into buying a home so he/she could get a commission the same thing goes for buying a car.

I did donate a bunch of things that either didn’t fit me, haven’t worn In a long time or If it didn’t bring me joy. That was the short version you can google Buddhism.

I entered a what would be a nine-year relationship. Before that relationship, I was on the path of learning about spirituality. I was learning what I could from books and I was feeling good. I was happy and I called myself a free spirit that goes with the flow of things and yes that Is a part of spirituality. I felt free for the first time I didn’t allow anything to bother me and If I was having a bad day I would meditate and allow all the bad energy to leave my mind and body. The amount of time I would mediate depended on how well I slept the night before, If I had nightmares, If I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you get my point.

To me these things made me feel that I was on a spiritual path. I entered a nine-year relationship. It changed who I was. I was this down- to- earth, go with the flow, whatever happens, -happens free spirit that took each day as It came. This person I was In the relationship was the opposite. He was high strung and worried about each day. In the beginning, I would tell him that It’s okay to worry about the things that are worth the time and energy It takes to worry about said thing.

During the relationship, I changed and I became high strung and to put It simply I became like him. During that time I was surrounded by negativity and no matter what I did I couldn’t find a way from It. It followed me no matter what. I took some sage and I saged myself, my sister and the home I shared with said person and I still felt like a heavy weight around me. I also knew saging the house wouldn’t release any negative energy that has been built up I needed to find my Inner peace again and I couldn’t find It.

Today I am practicing Spirituality again. Over the last few months, I have set up a small zen garden In my room that I share with my dogs. I have spiritual things In my room that make me feel calm and at peace. I have a dream catcher above my bed to catch any nightmares or bad dreams I may have (I believe It works).

In my new spirtuality journey I’m not worried about material possessions or success. I know I should be since I have 2 dogs that need daily care obviously that Includes food and I get It how am I going to pay for vet care If I’m not worried about money? For me when I let go that part of stress things fell Into place and money was there when I need It. The possessions I have are possessions that bring me joy or serve purpose In my life. I don’t bring anything unnecessary Into my space (bedroom).

I’m also trying to see a person’s point of view why someone might snap at me and I try not to give a reaction because I might not agree with a person’s reasoning for snapping. I myself try to have nothing but decent days. If my day Is better than decent than that makes me feel good because the day went better than expected. I also try not to plague my mind with sad thoughts. And I’ll be honest I had some sad thoughts recently mainly dog related because they are getting older and I know at some point they won’t be with me anymore. I now will talk to someone about the thoughts and I feel better because I didn’t hold It In. Like now I shared with the world my sad thoughts about my dogs who are very much alive and healthy and happy and I get sad when I look at them sometimes. Please don’t judge me for feeling those feelings.

I love without expecting to be loved In return. Like I said I was In a nine-year relationship that I did the loving and said person still lived like he was single except he didn’t sleep around. I don’t know everything and I love when I learn new things from people. The wisdom that has been giving to be has been learned over my life and as each day passes my wisdom changes as I learn new things.

I was always told that I go to the beat of my own drum and this Is true. I never wanted to do the standard things that most of us do In life. Here Is another thing that I’m going to share that I thought I would never share and that Is that I don’t want kids I never dreamed of being a mother someday I never wanted kids and as of right now I don’t plan on having any. This might seem selfish to some but to me, these are my true feelings. I don’t want the standard things that we were brought up to want.

So far I’ve talked about all the things that might make you spiritual and what I believe to be spiritual but there Is one thing that I had to do and It was the hardest yet easiest thing that’s removing myself from negative people. It was the easiest because most of the toxic people took my ex’s side when the relationship ended and also sad because some of those people where good people who just made the choice to stay friends with a negative person.

And finally, I love to be In solitude. I enjoy being alone with my own thoughts (most days). Right now the house Is quiet and I’m able to pour out all of these thoughts for this post. Normally when I write It takes me a few hours to gather my thoughts because the house Is noisy and even with my door shut I still can’t think. But right now the house Is quiet and this post took me an hour to type because you know dogs need walking.

I know I probably missed a few things but that’s okay you can always google how to go on a spiritual journey. The words that I typed are my feelings about spirituality and what I believe are to be spiritual guides on how to be more at peace. Everyone’s journey Is different any everyone will feel spirituality different there Is no right or wrong as long as you aren’t doing wrong and your heart Is pure you’ll get there.

I don’t have any links to provide because I didn’t read any books on spirituality It was something that has always been Inside of my heart and soul.

I do have a link to the spiritual bracelet that I wear every day/night. I did not pay the full price as shown I was lucky to find mine (yes It’s real for $14.99).

The Armenian Cross Is designed for me to put my own personal beliefs Into the cross and the real meaning means Spirituality, Immortality, and Life. And for me, those things represent my current path of Spirituality.

I hope you found this post helpful or you just enjoyed reading It?

Here Is the link to the yoga app that I use

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