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Stone Fruit

What Is A Stone Fruit

What Is a stone fruit you may ask? A Stone fruit Is a fruit that the center (Pit) looks like a large stone.  The strict definition of a stone fruit: (Is one that has that large, center pit and is part of the rose family.)

Some fruit of the rose family ( (Stone Fruit) Includes-Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Cherries, Pluots ( Pluot- Plum and Apricot hybrid) and Apricots. 

People refer to any fruit that Is large central pit as a stone fruit.

Stone Fruit has a relatively short growing season. You’ll see stone fruit from May until late summer.

Other fruits that are In the sone fruit family Include- Mangos, Lychee, and Avocados. Some people even consider almond’s part of the stone family because like the fruit mentioned above they fall under the genus Prunus and are closely related to other stone fruits.

Health Benefits Of Stone Fruit

Stone fruits are LOADED with healthy benefits. They’re are packed with fiber, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin c, and vitamin k.

Nectarines: High In Beta-carotene.  an antioxidant that Is used by the body to make vitamin A, which Is vital for skin, teeth and bone health. They’re also a great source of vitamin C, potassium (an important nutrient for a healthy metabolism and carbohydrate digestion), and fiber.

Apricots: They’ve got a nice serving of vitamin C and A, as well as fiber. Catechins, which are flavonoid phytonutrients, are also present in apricots. These phytonutrients have been specifically studied for their anti-inflammatory benefits.

Plums: Great source of vitamins A, K, and C, as well as folate and fiber. Regular consumption of plums has been linked to stronger bones, better digestion, and even cognitive health.

Pluot: Hybrid consisting of about a fourth of an apricot and three-fourths plum. One medium pluot has about 80 calories and three grams of fiber, making It a light, satiating snack. Pluots also have a healthy serving of vitamins C and A — two natural wrinkle-fighters!

Peaches: High In vitamin C, which means they’re an excellent way to Improve the amount of collagen your body produces — and that equals healthier skin! A study from Texas A&M recently connected peach and plum extract with a reduced rate of cancer cells, and the fiber In peaches make them a great snack for people trying to watch their weight.

Green Almonds: which are the younger, non-processed versions of the almonds you see In grocery stores everywhere, actually have a sweet/tangy taste and can be eaten whole. They have the same protein, fiber and healthy fat that regular almonds do, and are a great way to make your smoothie a meal replacement.

Mangoes: A great source of fiber, folic acid, and two great vitamins for your skin: vitamins C and A.

Cherries: A great source of antioxidants, fiber, vitamin c, carotenoids, and anthocyanins, each of which may help play a role In cancer prevention. Consuming tart cherry may help Increase your melatonin levels and improve your sleep. Consuming tart cherries may activate PPAR (peroxisome proliferator activating receptors) In your body’s tissues, which helps regulate genes Involved In fat and glucose metabolism.

How To Store Stone Fruit

The key to soft, juicy stone fruit Is proper storage. Just like with any fruit or vegetable how you store It depends If It goes bad fast or slow.

1.) Unripen Stone Fruit: Unripen Stone Fruit should be stored on the kitchen counter out of direct sunlight.

2.) Ripen Stone Fruit: Once Stone Fruit Is ripped It will keep a couple of days on the counter. If you think you won’t eat the fruit In that time you can always put the stone fruit Into a plastic bag and store It In the fridge.  

3.) Very Ripe Stone Fruit: Stone Fruit that Is overripe should be stored In the fridge right away. The cold air will slow the ripping process. Just stick the fruit Into a plastic bag and pop In the fridge. 

How To Eat Stone Fruit

To enjoy the fullest flavor, remove stone fruit from the refrigerator one hour before eating and eat at room temperature.

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