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Summer Workout

Whether you’re on vacation, live at the beach or just love to work out in the sand, these beach-based exercises will challenge your entire body. Working out on the beach tests your stability, agility, fitness levels and mental toughness due to the unstable surface and outdoor environment.

Before starting the exercises, measure your starting and ending points by pacing 20 steps and Increasing the distance each round. Also, make sure to properly warm up and cool down, focusing particularly on the calves, ankles, and feet, which serve as the smaller stabilizer muscles when exercising In the sand. Warm up by going through each of the exercise motions In a slow, controlled manner or incorporate dynamic movements to get your muscles warm and heart rate up.

There’s a radically simple way to burn more calories per step without Inching up your Incline or pushing your pace: Walk or run on the sand. Studies show that you’ll activate extra muscle just by treading on the loose stuff rather than solid ground. Because sand grains constantly shift, your nervous system has to recruit additional muscle fibers In your legs, hips, and trunk In response.

Also, If you didn’t know that soft surface absorbs more energy, so Instead of experiencing a helpful rebound effect as you would on the pavement, you sink deeper and your muscles have to engage longer to push off. You’re forced to work harder to move. The payoff: Do a workout on the sand and you burn up to 50 percent more calories per minute than If you do the same routine on pavement or grass.

Plus, Sand soaks up some of the poundings, It also reduces stress on your joints, the impact Is about four times lower on sand than on firmer surfaces, which can mean much less post-workout Inflammation and soreness. This remains true even as you Increase your exercise Intensity.  The bonus Is that you’ll bounce back faster after a tough session…and be ready to hit the beach for your next round of fresh-air fun.

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New To Summer Workouts

If you are new to beach workouts here Is my tip for beginners. I recommend from personal experience Is starting on wet sand. Wet Sand Is firmer It will provide a firm stable base of support for you.

Exercise on level sand. Running and jumping on an angle, as you would along a shoreline, puts you In an awkward position, which could cause Injury.

Wear sneakers when you’re on coarse, cold, or hot sand. Otherwise, you can go barefoot. You’ll burn the same number of calories, either way, so base your choice on comfort.


My tip for beginners Is to only warm up on the sand no more than 5 minutes. Since you are on sand you will start to feel the workout burn during your warm up. Duration of the workout Is 30 minutes, you’ll do anywhere 4 workouts and no equipment necessary.


Workout 1Shoulder up– Begin In an upright plank, with the hands wider than shoulder-width distance apart. Lower Into a push-up and return to plank position. Next, raise the hips and lower the chin to keep your gaze at your feet. Lower the crown of the head toward the sand, all while keeping the legs and torso ridged. Push back up through the shoulders until the arms are almost completely straight. Complete 10 reps before moving on to your next workout.

Workout 2: Cross-under Planks– Yes, these are for beginners. Begin In an upright plank position with the hands under the shoulders, the legs straight and the core braced. Bring the right leg under the body toward the left hand by twisting the core, again keeping the leg straight and foot flexed. Perform 10 repetitions before moving on to your next workout.

Workout 3: Runner’s Abs– Technically you aren’t running standing up you are “running” on the ground. Balance on the sit bones (just above the tailbone) and flex the torso, knees, and arms into 90-degree angles. Straighten the right leg while reaching the right arm forward to mimic a running gait. Use the core to keep the torso upright as you balance and draw in each leg. Complete 30 runner’s abs before moving on to your next workout.

Workout 4: Crab Walk- Begin seated facing the starting point. Keep both knees bent and place the hands on the sand under the shoulders. Lift the hips off the ground as high as possible. Flexing at the ankle, begin pulling through the hamstrings and pushing with the upper body. Take small, quick steps to avoid Injury to the wrists. Crab walk the entire length of the marked-off distance and back to the starting point.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good Idea and It’s fun to switch up where you workout. It helps keeps you motivated and you get to enjoy the sunshine and the ocean. These workouts are for beginners. I would recommend wearing some type of shoe If It’s your first time working out on the sand. Since these workouts require movement there are specific shoes for the sand and for working out you can always look Into that. Get up, et out, And Enjoy the sunshine and Ocean everyone needs some vitamin sea!

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