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Under Eating

Let us be honest when It comes to eating there doesn’t seem to be a person on the planet that Is Goldilocks (perfect.) As humans we either eat too much or not enough we as humans there Is no such thing as right In the middle and there Is no just right. Many people may think that If they eat less, they are going to be healthier. This Isn’t necessarily true because It depends on what you are putting Into your body.

If you stick to only one box of Twinkies as opposed to the 3 a day you are accustomed to, then yes, you are getting a little bit healthier. However, If you are trying to eat less salad then you probably aren’t getting the proper nutrients Into your system. Whether you are physically active or not, It Is Important to get the proper amount of food In your body. Food Is the fuel that keeps your body going at all times throughout the day. Have you ever been In a car that runs out of gas? It sucks. That’s what happens to your body at lunchtime or when you get home from work. It runs out of gas.

Overeating Is an obvious health problem, but under-eating Is something that can hold you back just as much. Under-eating will cause a different set of problems, but It will also cause many of the same problems as overeating. Finding the healthy balance between undereating and overeating Is a major key to having a healthy body besides fitness.

Working Out

I’m going to assume that you are physically active and do enjoy working out or at least you are wanting to start getting to that point. Eating too little can significantly hinder the progress you want to make when It comes to your body. Working out causes your body to lose a lot of important proteins and other nutrients so It Is Important that you do what you can to replenish everything your body just used during the workout. This Is the only way your body will be able to make the progress It should make.

Not consuming enough of what you lost will make your body slowly regress.

No progress will be made at all. You just ran 7 miles, did 400 push-ups, 90 squats, and 6 burpees. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself because you know your body Is going to look awesome, but guess what? If you don’t replenish It with the right fuel all of that working out Isn’t going to benefit you as much as you thought. You are working so hard to try and make progress, you might as well do everything you possibly can to help yourself. Don’t only do half the battle. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed the way you want to. And you do that by feeding your body nutritious foods that are full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

~~~~>It Is true ABS are made In the kitchen. But I also understand If you want to workout but not have the “healthier” foods on hand that can keep you from working out. Everybody at some point has to eat to survive. If you are eating spam and mac and cheese because that Is all you can afford fine… I say still workout. You will still see results Instead of seeing those results In three months It will be more like six months. 

Not only will not eating enough not give you the proper amount of energy you need throughout the day, It’ll make things much harder when you are trying to work out. Your body needs to get Its energy from somewhere. When there Is nothing for the body to get Its energy from, you aren’t going to get It. You won’t be able to power through your workouts If the fuel Isn’t there to back them up. You will have zero energy. You won’t be able to to get the necessary energy even through a cup of coffee or energy drink. These are just temporary solutions that will make you feel even worse when the effects wear off.

Another reason why working out Is going to be way more difficult Is that your body Is going to start prioritizing other functions before putting more focus on the workout. You will feel as though you’re pushing yourself just as hard as you were the day before, but In reality, you probably aren’t anywhere close to how you were.


When you don’t eat enough after a workout, your body will do what It can to keep that unwanted fat that Is already on your body. Your body knows when It doesn’t have the necessary nutrients and will ensure that It maintains the right balance of everything. At this point, your body will do what It can to conserve as much energy as possible (This also happens when you starve yourself.)  For example, your body uses fat as a source of energy, so when It’s trying to save as much energy as possible, It’s not going to burn that fat. Not using as much energy leads to less fat being lost.

Not eating enough food, especially after a workout, promotes certain hormones In your body to take over, In particular, the hormones that help you store body fat. As they say, ABS  are made In the kitchen, not the gym.

No Muscle Growth

When you aren’t eating enough, your body Is, as I mentioned earlier, going to start prioritizing certain functions over others. So, for example, your body Is going to try to regulate your blood pressure before focusing on recovering your muscles and allowing them to grow.

Why does this happen? It’s because regulating blood pressure Is much more Important to your body’s maintenance than gaining muscle. Same goes for your body trying to regulate Its body temperature. Your body does whatever It can to keep Its temperature at a point where you aren’t going to freeze from the Inside out or have your blood boil (which is at around 100 degrees if you didn’t know). So, the less fuel you have In your body, the more your body has to do to ration the fuel It does have and the less It can do for other aspects of your body.

Not only does under eating prevent muscle growth, It’ll prevent your overall recovery from a workout. When you can’t recover properly, you can’t perform the next day. Then you are bringing your level down for the day after that and so on. It’s an endless cycle unless you start to do the proper things when it comes to your food Intake.


Believe It or not, when you are not providing your body with the proper fuel your body will have a harder time to relax and this Is the reason why you might suffer from Insomnia (If you suffer from Insomnia.) If you don’t eat enough, your sleep schedule could be thrown off completely. Not saying that you will be up all night, but you will struggle to get a full nights rest. You will be waking up every few hours.

Have a normal dinner before going to bed. Not Immediately before bed, but somewhere In the area of two hours before sleeping. This Is the time to really get all of the food groups In your body so that your body has time to process It for the next day. It’s Important to remember that when you aren’t getting all of these Important nutrients, getting that entire nights sleep without waking up will be much, much harder to come by.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to make progress with your body, It’s going to take discipline and dedication. Things will never be easy but one of the easiest things you can focus on when It comes to your body Is eating, especially after a workout. Do the hard work In the gym and In the kitchen. And If you can’t afford “Healthier” foods then you eat what you can eat and workout your progress will be slower but progress will be there eventually.

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