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Here we go again. I had another food allergy attack and this time I have no clue what caused It. Monday the 19th me and some people went to the mall after spending the day out. We went to Whole Foods and I LOVE Whole Foods for different reasons. 1) Who doesn’t love Whole Foods? 2) I LOVE their bakery. Whole Foods bakery Is great for me because not only do they have sweets they have sweets that I can eat. They have gluten free cupcakes, cakes, pies, and donuts. 3) They have food that I can also eat and that Includes protein that Is soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, and meat-free protein.

Back In the day, I use to spend hundreds of dollars at Whole Foods. Back then I also didn’t know of all the food allergies/sensitivities I know about now. This time was maybe the second time In a year that I went to Whole Foods knowing about my food “Issues”. Also back then I would buy all the processed “junk”. I just remembered I went to Whole Foods a few weeks ago when I was In Baltimore and the only things I got there was the coffee called super coffee and this gut shot probiotic drink.

Now this time In Whole Foods I am trying to eat “healthier” meaning I’ll eat what my body Is craving but I’ll try and do It as healthy as possible. For example last night my body was craving chips so I ate some Beanitos Nacho flavored tortillas. Then I had some pretzels and cheese with my sister later that night. I don’t go overboard on the junk but I don’t deprive myself either. For another example, I use to be a HUGE chocolate/candy person. At night when the snack attack hit me, I would eat whatever I wanted. I changed to sugar-free chocolate whenever my body wanted chocolate I would grab a piece or two of sugar-free chocolate and I would eat It. Now my body doesn’t crave chocolate anymore.

Sorry for going off topic of today’s post. So I’m at Whole Foods and I’m looking at the labels and I mean looking at the labels. Just because It says It’s gluten-free doesn’t mean It’s soy, dairy or corn free. For the second time In the last year, I spent under $40. The most expensive item where my $10 gluten, dairy, and soy free cupcakes. I was just excited to be able to eat foods that aren’t going to hurt me.

Now to the point of this post that brought you here, to begin with, my food allergy attack.

Here we are at the mall and I go to chipotle like always. I get what I thought was safe and I get the veggies wrap and I read online that the wraps are corn and gluten-free. I get my normal fixings and I sit at the table and I eat. My sister told me that my face Is breaking out In hives and my cheeks have rashes and my face Is getting a bit puffy. I drink TONS of water and the symptoms subsided pretty quickly but what I was left with was an Itchy and very dry face that If you looked at my face It looked like I got sunburned and my face was peeling.

We were at the mall for a few hours after my allergy attack, for the most part, I felt ok. My head hurt, I felt really really tired, my belly hurt (because I was bloated), and my joints hurt. To put It In simpler terms It felt like my body got ran over by a mac truck and It felt like I ran a marathon. Normally I just get the bloating and some rashes. Now I’m getting more symptoms and my food allergy attacks are becoming more frequent. Sometimes I feel like maybe I shouldn’t eat out anymore because I feel like what I felt like what once was a safe place to eat Is no longer safe.

Today the 21st. I ate at home. I don’t know where you live when you are reading this but where I am we are still In the middle of a snowstorm that started yesterday the 20th.  So Today I ate In. I made this Tasty recipe (I put a link to all things I mentioned). This Tasty recipe Is for Fluffy Pancakes. If you read my Japanese Jiggly Cheesecake recipe these pancakes recipe Is like that. It took about an hour to put the batter together and each pancake took 5 minutes each to make. I made some substitutions because you know food allergies. I have to say they turned out. They weren’t as fluffy and I chalked It up too that the pan I used Is slightly bigger than the one they used In the video.

I ate 1/2 of one and then I didn’t eat until dinner. I had mac and cheese and a high-protein patty from Trader Joe’s. And as I’m typing this I had 2 sugar-free candy a caramel candy and a peanut butter cup. And soon I might have these things called nutter puffs by the company called popchips I will also link that below and or maybe cheese and pretzels.

As for my activity level yesterday the 20th I did some light stretching and rested the rest of the day since I still wasn’t feeling my best. And today I shoveled snow 4 times so there was my exercise for today I did break a light sweat when I was shoveling so It still counts as exercise right? Also, I took one of my dogs who LOVES the snow my pitbull HATES snow so he was Inside anyway I took my fun-loving snow loving snow dog outside to play and I was moving to break a slight sweat still counts right? And as for tomorrow, I’m going to go with how I feel In the morning and If I feel good I’ll do some yoga If I still feel blah I’ll do some light stretching.

I’m just going to listen to my body and hope to be back to some type of exercise by tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll just binge watch psych while watching the snow fall outside.

Here are some stupid links to some stupid products that I’m currently loving.

~Down Dog Yoga App

~Fluffy Pancakes that I made to fit my specific needs (Time Consuming)

~”Healthy-Ish” Chips Beanitos Nacho Chips  (Stupid Good)

*Also, real quick about Beanitos all of their products are STUPID DELICIOUS you should buy them or don’t? But you should.*

~Here Is a link to stupid (Good) sugar-free candy for all of my peeps who are trying to watch their bods for summer or not? The link I provided Is for the kind I get the assorted chocolate It comes with coconut and I just giveaway the coconut because coconut candy Is gross.–1/sugar-free-assortment-1785-oz-bag-6988

~A Link to the nutter puffs I mentioned also really stupid good and addicting. And get your mind out of the gutter you nasty.

~All of the products mentioned In the post I paid with my own money, all opinions are my own and there aren’t any affiliate links.

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