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Vegan Or Vegetarian

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There actually may be a reason why people are confused about the difference between vegan and vegetarian, and that may have to do the origin of the word vegetarian.

The original word for vegetarian—coined in England in the early 19th century—did, in fact, mean vegan. That is, no animal products at all. Veganism is about respect for all living beings and letting them live their lives as they see fit, rather than as serving us. This means animals are not forced into milk production or raised and used for wool and leather. It is about compassion for all species.

 Different Types Of Vegetarians

An ovo-lacto vegetarian (or lacto-ovo vegetarian) is a non-meat eater (vegetarian) who consumes some animal products such as eggs and animal dairy products. Unlike pescatarians, they do not consume fish or other seafood. A lacto-vegetarian consumes animal dairy products but no eggs, whereas an ovo-vegetarian consumes eggs but not animal dairy. A pescatarian typically consumes eggs, animal dairy, and fish, but no animal meat.

There are new terms “reducetarian”(where participants reduce the amount of meat they consume in order to improve their health, protect the environment, and spare farmed animals from cruelty)

“flexitarian” (A semi-vegetarian or flexitarian “diet” is one that is plant-based with the occasional inclusion of meat)  are now entering the vegetarian scene.

“Reducetarians actively reduce the amount of animal products consumed in their overall “diet”, seeking vegan options to their favorite animal products, whereas flexitarians are comfortable opting for animal products or their vegan counterparts.

How Would You Define Someone Who Identifies As A Vegan

Veganism is both an ideology and an eating methodology. According to the Vegan Society, veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

 Vegetarianism Considered A Stepping Stone To Veganism

Switching to a vegan “diet” is not something you have to do overnight. If your objective is to have a vegan lifestyle, starting with a vegetarian “diet” is definitely a good move. Other people are perfectly capable of adopting a vegan “diet” quickly, sometimes because they have some sort of enlightening—an experience that makes them realize they don’t want to consume animal products anymore.

Final Thoughts

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