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Weekday Vegan

I know what you are thinking what is a weekday vegetarian? I’m sure if you clicked on today’s post you are curious about what is exactly is a weekday vegetarian? Please keep on reading. If being vegetarian 5 out of 7 days isn’t your cup of tea why not try the  Flexitarian Diet?

If you have any questions please feel free in reaching out.

There are many reasons to think about going vegetarian. Perhaps you have heard that it is a healthier form of eating. Maybe you believe that eating animals is cruel. You may just want to add more vegetables to your diet and to lay off some of the fatty meats that you have been consuming. No matter what your reasons for starting a vegetarian diet may be, there are a few things that you should know about vegetarian eating. There are some nutrients that come from meat that become more difficult to get if you refrain from eating animal products. However, if you are careful and truly enjoy the taste of food, becoming a vegetarian does not have to be difficult as there are many great dishes that can be created without using animal products. Here are a few essential tips to consider if you have decided to become a vegetarian.

 The Power of Protein

One of the first things that you are going to hear from people when you tell them that you are a vegetarian is “how are you going to get enough protein?” If getting enough protein is something that you are worried about, you should not be. There are many ways to incorporate protein, iron, and other important vitamins and minerals into your vegetarian diet as long as you know what you should be eating.

Some of the best sources of iron and protein on a vegetarian diet include nuts, pulses, leafy greens, and tofu. Some nuts such as pistachios, almonds, and cashews also contain healthy fats, which make them a perfect snack choice. If you are still consuming dairy, it offers a good source of protein as well. Eggs are an especially good source of protein as well as other important nutrients. Overall, if you are following a vegetarian diet and watching what you eat, you will consume all the protein that your body needs.


One thing that many people do not realize when they decide to become a vegetarian is that meat and fish is often a hidden ingredient in some foods that you would not expect it to be. For example, Worcestershire sauce actually contains meat products. Jellies, yogurts, sauces, mousses, and cheeses may also contain gelatin or other types of animal fats. These are used to add different flavors or to change the consistency of the food.

When you decide to stop eating meat products it is important to begin checking the labels of the foods that you are eating. The best option to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle is to simply choose mostly fresh fruits and vegetables for your diet. However, if you are using pre-packaged foods and sauces, reading the labels is the best way to ensure that you are not consuming any type of meat product or meat by-product.

Have compassion for animals.

Farm animals have no less intelligence or capability when it comes to feeling pain than our beloved companions such as our dogs or cats. Instead of exploiting animals, vegetarians exercise a moral choice to protect all animals living on this earth. Even though weekday vegetarians can make room for meat in their diet on the weekends, giving up meat throughout the week is cutting 70 percent of meat intake.

 Prevent cancer

Large studies in England and Germany have shown that vegetarians are about 40 percent less likely to develop cancer compared to meat-eaters. In addition, the high fat content of meat and other animal products increases hormone production, thus increasing the risk of hormone-related cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. Vegetarian diets rich in high-fiber plant foods such as whole grains, legumes, vegetables and fruits offer a measure of protection.

Live Longer

Plant-based diets are generally rich in fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which in turn strengthen the immune system and slow down the aging process. A study that was published in the British Medical Journal found that vegetarians outlive meat eaters by six years.

Avoid Toxic Food Contaminants

Toxins are concentrated in the fatty flesh of animals. Flesh foods are loaded with dangerous contaminants such as hormones, herbicides, pesticides, and antibiotics.

 Help End World Hunger

The amount of grain produced in today’s world is enough to feed the world twice over, but statistics say 70 percent of the grain is fed to livestock. Crops that could very well be used to feed the hungry are instead being used to fatten animals raised for food.

6. It’s perfectly acceptable to stray.

By giving up meat throughout the week, you are doing yourself a big favor to increase your chances of living longer, lowering your risk of diseases and even reducing global warming. I’m in favor of becoming a weekday vegetarian because one still has the opportunity to indulge on the weekends, even though they are cutting meat completely out through the week. Dedication is a commendable quality, but it doesn’t have to come with rigidity.

Some Thoughts

Here’s how you can turn 90% vegetarian slowly but surely: Remember everything in stride and everything in your own time. Also, It’s okay if you slip up or if you can’t commit fully to 5 days of being vegetarian the goal is for you to get to 5 days. Maybe you want more flexibility with your food why not try the flexitarian diet?

1. Replace beef with chicken.
2. Replace chicken with fish.
3. Replace fish with eggs.
4. Snack on seeds and nuts as often as possible.
5. Eat a yogurt a day.
6. Eat hummus or other healthy bean dips as often as possible.
7. Keep a jar of wheat germ and sprinkle it on any meal.
8. Learn to like beans and eat them as often as possible.
9. Eat mushrooms as often as you can.
10. Eat whole grain breads.

Final Thoughts

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