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Weight Loss Lies

Let me guess are you on a weight loss journey? If you’re on a “diet” right now, I’m telling you-you’re not alone. Everyone from your mom to your doctor to fitness magazines tells you that the key to a long, happy, healthy life Is getting your weight “under control.” From all sides, the message Is clear: Weight loss Is critical to health, and “diets” will help you get there.

I’m telling you that Is simply not true.

You’ll probably read widespread news articles that have some “evidence” about how restricting calories will make you look like a supermodel In no time. If you have the goal of weight loss – It doesn’t work. It’s not that everything you’ve ever learned about the Importance of eating nutrient-rich foods and getting regular exercise Is wrong. Those things will make you healthier. What they won’t do Is make you thin or happy.

The majority of “diets” do not lead to sustained weight loss. What they do lead to Is the rampant preoccupation with food and weight, a toxic cultural thin Ideal, body dissatisfaction, disordered eating, and for 10% of our population, life-threatening eating disorders. Common wisdom says that obesity Is associated with health risks, but the story Isn’t that simple. Studies on “dieting” rarely control for factors like fitness, activity, Nutrient Intake, weight cycling, or socioeconomic status. When they do? Increased risk of disease all but disappears.

Yes, there Is Increased mortality at both very low and very high weights, there Is a wide range of healthy weights. There are people who are “overweight” or “moderately obese” can live just as long as people within the normal weight”, and sometimes longer. In fact,  studies have shown that obese people with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and chronic kidney disease may have greater longevity than thinner people with these conditions.

Before you open your wallet or dive Into a new workout program, think of this: Of the 50 million Americans who will go on a “diet” program, a slim percentage will successfully shed the weight and keep It off. Only 5 to 10 percent of us succeed, but we all contribute to the staggering $40 billion In revenue amassed by the weight-loss Industry annually. By the year 2006, revenues are estimated to top $48 billion.

Millions of us are always looking for a quick-fix  such as “Eat all you want and still lose weight” or “Melt away fat while you sleep.” We find It hard to believe In this day and age of scientific research and medical studies that an effortless weight-loss method still doesn’t exist. I’m telling you It doesn’t. I’m going to help you sort through the claims, and avoid the scams and become a more educated consumer.

Today I am going to talk about some weight loss lies that weight-loss companies don’t want you to know.

Weight-Loss Lies

1.)  “Diets” Don’t Work: Most people and at one time Including myself that If you just commit to regular diet and exercise, you can have a body that Is healthy and fit. How we eat and how much we move certainly has some Impact on what we weigh, but by no means the biggest factor determining what our bodies look like. That factor Is genetics. The genes we got from generations of ancestors determine not just the color of our eyes, but the shape and size of our bodies.

What does this mean? It means that everybody has a unique healthy weight, and a complex system of metabolic and hormonal forces work to keep us at that weight by doing things like creating urgent and unwavering cravings for potato chips when we fight It. When we “diet”our metabolism slows down to stop weight loss. We may see some weight loss initially, but it doesn’t last. Long-term studies show that the majority of Individuals on “diets” regain one-third to two-thirds of the weight within one year, virtually all within five years, and often end up weighing more than when they began.

2) “Diets” Do More Harm Than Good: “Diets” don’t work, more often they result In an endless cycle of gaining and losing weight, which In turns Increases Inflammation and risk for many obesity-associated diseases, Including hypertension, and Insulin Resistance. Weight cycling can account for all of the excess mortality associated with obesity. It may well be that the association between weight and health risk Is better attributed to “dieting” than to weight Itself.

“Dieting” Is also the most Important predictor of developing an eating disorder. Eating disorders are prevalent In people of all body shapes and sizes, but people In higher weight bodies often don’t get help because they don’t fit the mold of what an eating disorder Is “supposed” to look like. When a person Isn’t technically underweight, society and the medical establishment can end up praising serious mental Illness as an effort to get healthy.

3) Real Health Will Make YOU Healthier And Happier: When you shift your focus from weight loss to health outcomes, the results are striking.  Improvements In physiological measures (blood pressure, blood lipids), health behaviors ( physical activity, eating disorder pathology), and psychosocial outcomes ( mood, self-esteem, body Image). When we focus on health, our bodies settle at their healthiest weight…It looks different for everyone.

4) Testimonials: You see them on TV, newspapers, magazines, and ads on social media. You see pictures of the “before” and “after”. That person In the ad Is trying to get you to buy the product that he/she is endorsing.  Testimonials generally provide little reliable Information about what consumers can expect from using the product. Typically, In the “before” photos, the person appears with poor posture, a neutral facial expression, unkempt hair, unfashionable clothes and washed-out skin tones. The “after” photos generally are better lit. The person stands with shoulders held back, tummy tucked In, wearing better-looking clothes and Is happier.

More than 10 percent of the testimonials reviewed by the FTC claimed an amount of weight loss that was extremely unlikely… If not Impossible. The rest claimed results that occurred In a very small percentage of users Sometimes companies take healthy people, make them overeat and the “after” picture shown Is really what the person looked like before they began overeating.

5) Government:  You probably hear that the government wouldn’t allow a product to be marketed If It were bad for you. If you see It on the shelves you think that the government has to pre-approve this “magic” weight-loss product before It’s sold… Wrong. 60% “diet” products on the market today are “dietary” supplements. The law doesn’t require manufacturers of dietary supplements to demonstrate that their product Is safe or efficacious before It goes on the market. Misleading and deceptive ads continue to saturate the market don’t believe everything you hear, see, or read.

6) Don’t Believe Everything You Hear: People believe that If a product Is natural that It must be better for you. The weight-loss Industry Is a buyer-beware world. Misleading and deceptive ads continue to saturate the market. Recently, after more than six years of study, the FDA announced plans to ban the “fat-burning” herb ephedra, declaring It a hazard even for healthy adults.

Ephedra Is not the only “natural” product on the FDA’s watch list. It has issued warnings of “possible health hazards” against herb-supplement products containing chaparral. Items on the watch list include supplements and so-called dieter’s teas that contain senna, cascara, aloe, buckthorn and other plant-derived laxatives.

People who are looking to “diet” put all their hope and money Into these “magic” pills that promise to make you lose 10 pounds In 10 days or pills that promise to be fat blockers so you can eat whatever you want and not gain a single pound. I’m going to tell you the truth… THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL! Those “magic” pills can have some serious side effects (highly addictive and adverse impact on the heart and central nervous system.) 

You can’t undo years of overeating and late night snacking In days. For some people, It can take years to figure out what works best for them. In order to lose weight and get healthy first, you need to change your thinking. Once you do that everything else will fall Into place.

Thank You!

I do hope you stick around as I put out different types of content  I try to post educational, Informative things that everyone can learn from. I am learning what people like to read and what people don’t. The one thing you will get from me Is honesty. If I post something It’s because I believe In It no matter If It’s a beauty review, recipe post, or just me posting a random post.

I just want to say Thank you to all of those who read, view, like, comment, and subscribed to my blog It means the world to me <3

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