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Wet ‘n’ Wild Liquid Highlight (Review)

Who doesn’t like some Halo on their cheeks? Wet ‘n’ Wild came out with 6 new liquid highlights.  Each highlight retails for $5.99 + tax for 0.50 oz depending If your state has tax.

Pictured here I got mine In the color Goddess Glow20180304_195911

I got mine at Walmart for $5.99 + a few cent tax since I got mine out of state. 20180304_200901

As you can see by the bottom picture the Liquid Highlight Is very pigmented. It’s sheer but not too sheer.


It’s a thin formula It’s not watery and It’s not thick. It’s weird. I dig It.  Like with almost all highlighters It Is buildable. I normally go with just one coat because I’m usually going overboard with the bronzer.

Here Is just one coat of the highlighter. I Didn’t have the flash on when I took the picture. This Is just one coat.  It’s bright and I think It looks great.


In the top picture, I did blend It quite a bit because I love the light glow It gives. There are slight undertones of silver depending on the light. I’m not a fan of the silver but I think It does help with the glow. If you WANT GLOW I would recommend maybe 2-3 coats. The Dofa applicator Is a bit chunky. 20180304_200142

I don’t use the dofa applicator It’s weird holding the cap when I use It. So I use a highlighter brush or a highlight blender sponge when I use this highlight. I would recommend using a highlighter brush when applying.

Another thing Is that It does dry down pretty fast. So you have to work pretty quick with this stuff. I wore this highlighter with a tinted moisturizer and It didn’t lift or move the product around. I noticed after 4 hours the highlight took a slight silver color. Now, this could be because I used a tinted moisturizer or that my bronzer Is dark and I put some Highlight on the bronzed area. Either way, I didn’t fault the highlight I chalked It up to me caking my face with TONS of different product.

Wet ‘n’ Wild claims that the liquid highlight Is made with a hydrating formula I find this to be true. I wore the highlighter on a good day for 8 hours and never felt that the areas to ever get dry. To name some of the Ingredients Murumuru Seed Butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E which all have hydrating properties.

These highlighters work the best when you dot them on the areas that you want to highlight and then pat Into those areas using my fingers. I found when I used a highlighter sponge or highlighter brush It just moved the product around and the end result was not cute.

My finals thoughts would be even though there are 6 shades I don’t personally think you need all 6. Find one staple one and build with other highlighters from there. I even use a bit of my E.L.F highlighter with It and It worked well paired together. Personally, even though the price point Is nice I think E.L.F has a better liquid highlighter.

Here Is a link to one of my favorite Liquid Highlighters (E.L.F)

Overall I’d say If you want to try It It’s a buy. If you want to try something around the same price point and get better results I’d say bye. And one last thing maybe these Highlights will work better for me In the summertime when I’m wearing a lighter makeup look?

Here Is a link to the Wet ‘n’ Wild Liquid MegaGLO Highlighter If you Interested In purchasing them.

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