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What Are Nano Workouts?

Nano workouts help you get into shape by doing EVERYDAY activities. I OFTEN hear people say that they just don’t have enough time to work out or at all. I’m not saying your life isn’t busy, but if you don’t have to be at work until later in the day and you have free time, even if it’s 5-minutes . If you fall into this category, then today’s post is just for you!

Nano Workouts are small workouts that fit into your daily routines. It’s about looking at everyday situations and making them active. Working in front of a computer doesn’t have to be a passive act. If you have an adjustable table that can be raised, work while standing on one leg. Or push your chair back and use it as a dip station.

Intrigued? Thought so. Keep on reading to find out some ways that you can fit Nano workouts into your everyday life.

Nano Workouts

1. In the bathroom: Do calf raises while brushing your teeth.

2. At work: Do all your one-on-one meetings as walking meetings.

3. At your desk: Extend your legs and keep them elevated off the ground for a period of time.

4. On a chair: Push your palms together with force, like you are praying. Targets your chest muscles.

5. At your desk: Lift your knees up and down to your chest as if you were doing crunches while sitting down. Targets your abs.

6. In the kitchen: Hold a kitchen towel above your head with both hands and pull it apart for a period of time. Targets your upper arms.

7. On the couch: Scooch down and lean back slightly while extending your legs and lifting them up and down. Targets your ABS and legs.

8. In bed: Tense a muscle group and keep it tensed for a period of time, and work your way throughout your body. It’s a great way to release tension before falling asleep.

9. On a train: To target your lower legs and build balance, stand on one leg. Note: only do this if your balance is already pretty good!

10. The basket lift: Picking up some groceries, why not work those arms at the same time? This workout is as simple as they come. Just pick up a basket and carry it with a slightly bent arm. It’s a static exercise that will give your upper arms a good workout. Don’t forget to switch arms.

Nano Workouts for a Lifetime

Nano workouts can make a major difference over a lifetime. Just think about the first example: if you do bathroom squats every day, your legs will undergo more than 24 hours of exercise each year. Likewise, if you climb up and down five flights of stairs twice a day, you will have climbed up and down more than 110,000 steps in a year. You get the basic idea. Think active, and always look for a challenge.

Final Thoughts

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