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Why you should use a moisturizer

Today I’m going to discuss why you should use a moisturizer and the benefits of moisturizing your face has. It’s no secret that the skin care industry can be confusing and Intimidating. The big thing now Is skin care oils. Essential Oils have become popular over the last few years. When looking for a moisturizer It can be Intimidating because you probably don’t know what you’re looking for and what you need for your specific need type and needs.

Picking the wrong moisturizer for your skin type and needs could lead you down a skin problem spiral that Is a pain In the butt ( we’ve all been there). I don’t know where you live but where I live It’s winter, It’s cold and It’s snowing.  So my face gets a bit drier (again we’ve all been there).

Obviously, you need and should pick and use a moisturizer based on your skin type and specific needs. I didn’t think this was a thing. I always used a standard moisturizer with an SPF In It. I didn’t know that since I’m a combo skin I should use a moisturizer. I used olay for YEARS and I loved It.

As I gotten older I really just use almost any moisturizer (because you gotta save money). What I was told was If you have oily skin then you should look for lotion type moisturizers, If you have dry skin then you should be looking for more of a cream based moisturizer, and if you have combination skin then you should look for something that Is lotion based but has no acid. I don’t know If It’s true It’s what was told to me a few years back.

Moisturizing can help your skin looking young. Moisturizing helps your ears, face, neck, and chest looking young and also protect those areas from environmental pollutions that are In the air. And If you are using a moisturizer that has an SPF you are also protecting those areas from skin cancer.

Using the proper moisturizer you can actually reduce oiliness If you’re oily and help with dryness If you are on the dry side. I use a moisturizer that has an SPF 30 In it. I put that bad boy on any parts of my body that Are going to be exposed to the sun. Since I have a buzzcut I even lather that moisturizer on my head, the back of my neck and any other parts that will be In the sun.

If you take a hot shower or bath make sure to use a moisturizer right away. The heat strips natural oils and by moisturizing right away will help keep moisture In your skin. Besides using a moisturizer drinking water helps with dry skin.

Overall the benefits of Moisturizing Is that It helps with hydration In the skin, It protects your skin from environmental pollution If your moisturizer has an SPF In It then the moisturizer helps protect your face, ears, neck, and chest from skin cancer.  I use a moisturizer every day even If I’m staying In. Also once I apply the moisturizer I wait about 20-30 minutes before I go out Into the sun to ensure that the moisturizer has soaked Into my skin and the other areas that I applied It.

Comment below and let me know why you use a moisturizer and what kind you use?

I’ll start this Is the moisturizer I use every day. I got mine from Walmart for $1 It was on some crazy sale Walmart was having that day. It’s no expired, no damage so I bought It.


I’m going to provide some links to my favorite products. The first link I’m going to provide Is to the very first moisturizer that I used and loved for so long.

~Here Is the link to the very first moisturizer I used for a very long time

~Here Is a link to the Physicians Formula Argan Oil ( Currently use and LOVE)

~Here Is a link to my tried and true primer ( Currently use and very much LOVE)

~Here Is a link to my favorite moisturizer (I’m currently using and LOVE)

~All of the products mentioned In the post I paid with my own money, all opinions are my own and there aren’t any affiliate links.

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