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X Diet

X Diet

I get, hear, and see things about ” I read this article, watched a documentary, or listened to a podcast about X diet. When people take to the internet and researched about said diet they think It’s the best for them. I can’t blame those people because I WAS like that when I first started learning about nutrition many many years ago. Whatever “diet” you are looking Into whether It’s the popular Whole 30, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian or Raw Til 4 and Intermittent Fasting. I could give you a pros and cons of every “diet” I just mentioned but I won’t I will simply say you need to choose what works best for you. It Is true that everybody’s bodies are different what may work for one person may not work for you. You can do Raw Til 4 and see amazing results whereas If someone else does It that person may experience negative side effects.  Once you figure out what works best for you It will take TIME to see any results. I also say HARD WORK DOSE AND WILL PAY OFF!

No Magic Pill

Women want to see a flat stomach and abs right away. Again I use to think like that. I use to get frustrated when I first went vegan I lost weight than I gained weight. I didn’t understand why when I was eating a mostly plant-based “diet”. There Is No Magic Pill that will make you lose weight or get Into shape overnight. You have to put the work In. Yes, It Is true abs and muscles are made In the Kitchen and not the Gym. There Is No Magic Pill that Is going to fix effortlessly. At the end of the day, It’s all hard work. It requires you to be mentally prepared to change your thinking about food and how you see It. It requires dedication and not for a small time but possibly a lifetime depending on where you want to get to physically and mentally. If you think you do X Diet because you think It’s going to get you to lose weight fast or get “fit” fast YOU ARE WRONG!  X Diet takes dedications and experimentation so you can figure out what works best for you.

Know Your Context

Believe It or not context matters. not every  X Diet Is created equal. Not every diet Is a good choice for you man or woman. If you play sports Keto might not be the best choice for you because to put It simply caloric Intake Is decreased On Keto. If you are a woman reading this answer me this “do you have stress?”  Intermittent Fasting won’t be Ideal for you. Because when you are going 16-18 hrs a day without eating (most of that Is spent sleeping) I could cause you more stress thinking about when you are going to eat. And If you push yourself too hard It could cause you more stress. X Diet gets this fast “one size fits all miracle cure.” The media and social media splash our feeds with “fit teas”, the no diet, diet pills” these things overall aren’t good for your health and has been researched to cause stress and anxiety.

One at a time

When you are looking Into all of these X Diets don’t be like me and do multiple experiments at a time. If you do multiple X Diets at a time how will you know what Is working for you when you do multiple? When I started getting Into nutrition I overloaded my brain with TONS of different Information. When I started to feel good how was I suppose to know If It was me being vegan making me feel good or me not eating”Processed “junk” making me feel good? So I recommend one at a time.


It’s okay to experiment? If you want to try Keto If you want to try Veganism try it. Just don’t go, Vegan Keto, I don’t recommend experimenting with vegan keto because Keto Is high fat and veganism Is typically lower In fat. In my humble opinion (there’s no way that you can hit the macronutrient ratios of a ketogenic diet that’s vegan unless it’s in a shake form because protein shakes are low In carb, moderate protein and higher In fat which goes with the Ketogenic lifestyle.) )A vegan “diet” splits food into the plant or animal categories, forbidding animals and permitting only plants.) A vegan diet Is typically higher In carbs from higher sugar content In foods. VERY few vegan protein shakes fit Into the Ketogenic “diet”. 

Experiments are part of life. But when you start experimenting with different X Diets at once you actually can do more harm than good. Certain X Diets are designed to work by Itself with the combination of working out. When you mix two X Diets you are fueling your body with different food combos can cause stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea and a small ’bout of IBS. If you are going to follow said Diet please follow that said diets protocol so you can avoid any adverse side effects.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t do a “Diet” for a week or two and then give up because you don’t see Immediate results. It takes longer than you think to see any “noticeable” results. You might see you lost Inches but not weight. It’s the non-scale victories that matter because that means your body IS adjusting to your new way of eating. I typically tell clients that you won’t notice a noticeable difference until around week 6. If you aren’t mentally prepared than don’t bother. Because If you aren’t mentally prepared to change the way you look at food you won’t be ready to fully engage In your new lifestyle. Whatever you do DO NOT GIVE UP! you will feel defeated, beaten, and like you will never get that “summer” body. Trust me when I say you will succeed, you will achieve your fitness/nutrition goals. You are stronger than you think.


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I mentioned a few different “diets” In today’s post. If you would like to learn more about fitness and nutrition and how they both go hand In hand the link under this paragraph knows her stuff! She has had many clients that lost weight and got Into shape. I will link her Instagram and her Facebook page. OR

How you can Reach her If you are Interested In doing the Reboot or If you have any questions on going Keto for the first time.  (Her Facebook) Katherine Serenbetz (@pruvitwithkat) There she posts everything from nutrition, recipes, at home workouts, and one on one consultation about your fitness and nutrition goals.

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